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Levi x Reader || One Shots And Short Stories

Levi x Reader || One Shots And Short Stories

360K Reads 9.8K Votes 32 Part Story
티아나 By blindedbyheadlights Updated Jul 09, 2016

Heichou and you in various situations of love, both canonverse and AU. Originally, these were strictly one shots but, somewhere along the way they became a collection of short stories as well. Therefore, they will vary in size and several are ongoing "parts" to a larger story. Most of the one shots will be fluff and/or plot based. A few will be angsty.

What kind of situations interest you? Well, perhaps being a world renowned thief or maybe just a regular badass in the Survey Corps might be your style. Or perhaps you're a little more interested in being Levi's subordinate at an office firm, an aspiring lyricist, dating a prince, or harboring his child. Whatever you wish is what you'll be in these one shots!

Ongoing Series
-Phantoms and Angels (Infamous Thieves AU)
-The Lyricist (Singer x Songwriter AU)
-Worlds Apart (Prince AU)

Completed Series
-Scout Design (Boss x Employee AU) - 3 Parts

Completed Mini Series (2 Parts Only)
-Precious and Protected/Rest Easy (Pregnant reader canonverse)
-"The Last Time"/"Thank You" (Addiction Modern AU)

March 2nd, 2015 - #211 on the What's Hot list in the Fanfiction Category (that's a huge category guys, just sayin')

(Rated for swearing, alcohol references, and mild descriptions of sexual content.)

*Suggestions are always welcomed but I can't currently take requests. I do not write cheater fics or lemons/limes/smut as a personal preference.*

● written in female reader perspective as a preference to the attract the largest and most likely audience●

~Disclaimer: I haven't read the manga at all. I've only seen the anime and OVA so there are obviously certain things I have yet to learn concerning backstories and plot~

All rightful ownership to Hajime Isayama, creator of the SNK universe. Also, all rightful ownership to all the owner/artists for the chapter and cover images.

Yandere-Levi-Lover Yandere-Levi-Lover Dec 26, 2016
Hey man you wanna have chill pill cause I think you need one with your (looks at his *ahem* dìck *ahem*) big friend
Yandere-Levi-Lover Yandere-Levi-Lover Dec 26, 2016
Ahem I would rather look at your fabulous àss more then the filthy horse àss
Yandere-Levi-Lover Yandere-Levi-Lover Dec 26, 2016
And I didn't give permission to give me a single sh!t about how dirty the room is.....ok maybe I give a sh!t in real life....(−_−;)
Yandere-Levi-Lover Yandere-Levi-Lover Dec 26, 2016
Well I'm guessing that you were making the same face as I am when nobody and that includes me looking at you (−_−;)
Yeah except for the 'his highness'. The first part 'But nooooo' reminds me of PJO o how Demeter said to her daughter 'But nooo you had to eat the pomegranate' XD
DA Freak Ahahhahahaahhahahahahahahah Everyone is either nosebleeding or shock while I'm here like laughing like a maniac