Chapter 2

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"Are you playing games at me?"

I have no patience left. He's a scholar? Damn, I know there's nothing bad about it but, I'm the problem because that's not probably the type of person that I will chase like this. I have never even chase someone before! Tanggap ko talaga yung mga kajejehan niya minsan, because he's cute. But, call me a bitch but I get turned off easily with scholars. Because they're all teacher's pet, I think? I'd rather date a dog.

"I'm not," she chuckled, sarcastically. "I heard he's a scholar student here, I don't know his course and I don't care. He's not popular, so."

"What's his name? Maybe you're wrong, he has a car. I saw it with my own eyes," I reasoned out, proving her wrong.

"Yeah right, vios." she simply looked at her nails, looking bored.

I bit my lips hard while frowning. "Is he really a scholar?"

"You want me to show you?" she grinned. "Ew, Abi, I don't know that you're into scholars," she flipped her hair, while softly smiling. 

I don't know why I got pissed off with what she said. "No, thank you. I'll find him, instead."

"Ciao, I have class pa." She gave me a beso before walking away from me.

Now I know why most of the people don't like her, well she had the attitude that I also have. Kaya rin siguro galit sakin ang iba, everytime na mapapalapit ako sa mga may jowa, iisipin na nila na aagawin ko kaya hahayaan nila ito sa harap ko. Katulad nalang ng nasa gilid ko ngayon, masyado ka naman nag-effort girl.

"Don't look at her, you idiot!" I heard the girl annoyingly hissed to his boyfriend.

I just gave the boy a flying kiss that immediately turned him red. Boys, boys, boys. They are all easy to deceive and easy to play with. Napapailing nalang akong hinanap ang room ni Maru, gladly someone I know pointed me the way. I scanned the whole room, I saw him peacefully reading a book. I pursed my lips to contain my sudden urge to smile.

"Goodmorning ma'am, may I ask if you'll give me permission to talk to Maru for a minute?" I gave them a sad face, looking at their professor. "It's really important, family matters." I lied.

"Okay, but who's Maru?" she asked.

I was about to point where Maru was sitting when their friends shouted. I saw how Maru was horrified, his eyes were wide like he's so scared. He was about to shake his head and tell his friends to be quiet but he was interrupted by one of his friends.

"Si Marcus po!" tumatawang tinulak nung singkit na kasama ni Maru kagabi. "Hoy, Delafuerte!"

"Our plan worked," rinig ko pang sabi nung nag-alok sakin kung gusto ko daw ituloy ang performance. What plan? And duh, I'm exclusively for Maru only.

"Mr. Delafuerte, you may excuse yourself." their professor announced that made me smile wider.

Parang lumong-lumo at takot na takot na lumabas si Maru sa klase. Nanginginig ang mga kamay niya dahil sa nerbyos? Ganon ba ako kaganda para kabahan siya? I held his wrist a pulled him closer, medyo inilayo ko siya sa classroom upang hindi kami makita ng mga kaklase niya.

"You," I said, firmly. "What nerve do you possessed to easily leave me like that?!" I can't help but shout.

"S-Sorry, male-late na kasi ako," he shooked his head, avoiding my gaze.

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