Chapter 38

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I was really nervous because all of Emeticia's relatives were staring at us, some of them were peaking at the window just to see what's the tea. I glared at them, which made them go away, and went inside.

"Lolita called me, she said Aya was looking for me." he briefly explained.

"Why does Lolita has your number?" I swear I don't know why did I say that.

I saw him gulped. "I work at Maxeon Engineering Corp."

"That's where Lolita's brother is working, right?" I was waiting for a confirmation.

Nigel nodded. "Yup."

"And Daddy owns that company." Aya joined our conversation, chuckling. "I made Daddy questions to answer on my Ipad, last night. Nagpaturo po ako kay Lolo."

Aya showed me her Ipad notes full of questions. Oh, that's why they're laughing earlier. KInakabahan man, I looked at Nigel. Damn! Why is he staring at me like that?

"Pasok ka," pag-aaya ko kay Nigel sa loob. "I-Ipapakilala kita kila Tito,"

Nauna nang tumakbo si Aya sa loob, she looks so happy though. Silence reigned to both of us, no one dares to speak. Para kaming mga bata na nagpapakiramdaman.

"If you're not ready, I'll go." I heard him say.

 "I should've done this a long time ago," I looked at him, genuinely. "You are Aya's father, you are also part of my life."

I gazed at me, unreadable. "Thank you,"

I guided Nigel inside Emet's house. I heard gasps and murmurs, probably they're talking about him who've hurt me all these years.

Since Emet's family have become my family too. They're kinda overprotective to me. Aya was holding my hand as he holds Nigel's other hand, smiling gracefully at the crowd.

"Hello!" she greeted everyone and went up to the table, for everyone to hear and see her announcement. "This is my real Mommy and Daddy, and I want you to be good to them because I love them so much!" bulol-bulol pang pagsasalita ni Aya.

Emet began to clap her hands, accompanied by loud applause from Emet's family. At that moment, I felt safe and accepted. I stared at Nigel's hand swiftly moved around my waist.

"Be sure to be a good father, Abi has been through a lot." singit naman ni Tito, see he's being overprotective.

Nigel nodded and smile. "I promise to be a responsible father to Aya, and to do my best to make the two women of my life happy."

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