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Devils and Mercenaries (TF2 x Highschool DxD) by Cmonkey512
Devils and Mercenaries (TF2 x Muffin
Teams vs Peerages... that's really all there is to it.
Running After Your Heart (Change Series #2) by chasmicsoul
Running After Your Heart (Change K
Brielle Liana Bernardo has a big crush on a dancer of their school, Daniel Andrew Mendez. She's trying her best to get his attention. She's doing everything for him to n...
Bonds // Engineer x y/n (Prometheus) by wholesomecaterpillar
Bonds // Engineer x y/n ( wholesome caterpillar
Who created us? And why would they want us dead? y/n, you, are an astronaut on a mission light years away from earth. Shaw leads you all on a mission to discover who cre...
TF2 as Vines by AutumnusPrime88
TF2 as Vinesby AutumnusPrime88
Also I don't mind if anyone wants to animate these with SFM or whatever! Just let me know and show me the finished thing plz! Mostly Thomas Sanders vines (so far). I onl...
Love that Sing its Gears by FlyingApsara
Love that Sing its Gearsby Tabbz
Prologue "And what does this Tattoo means Phi..." He was tracing a Coiled Python on his right butt, that was hissing with its tongue in the air. "Its KIS...
+Tf2 x Reader2+ by LipstickJungle222
+Tf2 x Reader2+by LipstickJungle222
Hello darlings! I'm back with another book, full of new stories to be told; Starring your favorite mercenaries, and you!
CHANGED HIM by rithika_venkateshan
CHANGED HIMby 𝑹𝒊𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒌𝒂 𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒌𝒂𝒕𝒆...
Hiding The Architect's Son by lonelyxgoth
Hiding The Architect's Sonby niah.(・ัω・ั)
Caszie Thorie Caro. A girl with a dream's. A girl who have a lot of husband's in Wattpad. A girl with full of boastfulness. A girl who have a crush in architect departm...
TeamFortress2's New Addition by _Jessums_
TeamFortress2's New Additionby Jessica
Ms. Pauling took you into another room and gave you a serious look. "Are you sure you want to do this? You won't see many people anytime soon. You will have minimal...
You saved me. (A Dreadwing Tale) TFP by Shelby77gt
You saved me. (A Dreadwing Tale) Shelby
Megatron kills Dreadwing instead of Starscream. but what happens when someone finds his body. Shelby happens to find him. brings him back to her home and repairs him. sh...
အန်တီနဲ့ဆောက်တဲ့ အချစ်အိမ် by HpatHpat
အန်တီနဲ့ဆောက်တဲ့ အချစ်အိမ်by HpatHpat
အချစ်ရပ်ဝန်းလေးမှာ အန်တီနိုနိုနဲ့ အတူ... အချစ်အိမ်လေး တည်ဆောက်ခွင့်ရချင်ပါသည်....
Kaeton's Obsession (Blazing Series 1) by mayerinaya
Kaeton's Obsession (Blazing makina
Slow update. "Those years I thought I'm a loser, he made me realized that the succes I was chasing is actually here in my heart. The succes of my life means keeping...
TF2 X Reader by PeasyCheese22
TF2 X Readerby PeasyCheese22
You've lived with the mercenaries for 5 years now. Everything seems normal. Until one day, everyone was acting weird. What was it? What's with this "Secret" do...
Morning Coffee (Team Fortress 2) by xfayfay72x
Morning Coffee (Team Fortress 2)by xfayfay72x
A morning coffee always wakes Sniper up, but maybe Scout could more.
*+=Tf2 X Reader 2!=+* by Screwychoas
*+=Tf2 X Reader 2!=+*by Sapphire Valentine
I will be making a series of one shots based on the mercenaries, and you! Request anything but smut, please. I write that on my own accord. ;) There will always be warni...
The Unplanned (Holy Heart High School Series #1) by MissKittyCathB
The Unplanned (Holy Heart High Cath
Will she stay on track or just go with The Unplanned? Holy Heart High School Series #1 Katherine Mae × Ryken Josh Book cover is edited by: Shān Writes
Tf2 x reader headcanons/oneshots by IWillStealYourToes
Tf2 x reader headcanons/oneshotsby IWillStealYourToes
Oh god what have I done? Requests: OPEN WOOOOO (only doing headcanons rn tbh sorry)
Tf2 X Reader (One Shots) by Screwychoas
Tf2 X Reader (One Shots)by Sapphire Valentine
I will be doing a series of one shots. I take requests! Please, request a scenario, and I will do it! :D No smut though, I want it pg here. But of course, there WILL be...
TOXIC NO MORE by Aleja13051
TOXIC NO MOREby Aleja13051
Vee, it hurts to be with you, what hurts me the most is that you just play with me, with my feelings. You get upset and jealous when someone approaches me but I ha...
The Mercenary Night Guard by MedafighterOK
The Mercenary Night Guardby MedafighterOK
Y/N use to live a normal life. He had a mother, a father, and a older sister. He HAD a nornal life, but it changed when he his family took to Freya's Anime Convention fo...