Chapter 11

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"Happiest Birthday to my step-sister, Raciela Elouisse Sanchez."

I emphasized the word 'step'. Of course, I don't want my family to think that I actually like her and she was included in Montenegro family. I treat her as my own sister, pero may limitation parin. Papa cheated once with her mother, he divorced my mom and married her mom before she died. So legally, his mom is the real wife, at hindi ko 'yun tanggap kahit pa wala na siya. 

But when her mom died, Papa came back to mom. My mom forgave him, we all did. Pero ako ang pinaka-nahirapan na nagpatawad, he cheated.

That's a major issue for me not to forgive him. He should've married my mom if he's going to cheat, right? Pero pinatawad ko parin, kasi mahal ko si Papa.

"Here's my gift," I handed her a cage and inside it, was a cute baby girl poodle. 

Nabili ko siya a week ako sa may Legarda, it was only 1 month old. I knew how much she loved pets, especially dogs. Kaya naisipan kong bilhan siya. 

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed happily. "Thank you! Thank you, sobra!" she gave me a tight hug.

I rolled my eyes and pushed her lightly. "Ew, gross." 

"Anong pangalan niya?" she was caressing the dog on his head.

"You decide, wala akong talent sa names."

She was smiling while thinking of a name. "Piper, maganda di'ba?"

"K lang," I told her and walked away to greet my aunts and uncles that came.

That is why my mom ordered a lot of food. My aunts and uncles don't hate Racie but they don't like either, so what was my mother's thinking? Does she want war? This is supposed to be a happy 18th birthday dinner celebration with Racie.

Binati ko sina Tita Marina, kapatid ni Mama at ang iba ko pang mga Tito at Tita kasama ang mga kani-kanila nilang mga asawa at anak. My cousins were all here. Legit, lahat ng Montenegro cousins nandito.

"Oh my god!!!" Rae shouted, my cousin from Echague. "Adrianna, I missed you!!" she welcomed me with a hug. 

I narrowed my eyes when I saw some guy behind her, I think I saw somewhere. Right, he is one of the Vustamante cousins. Nikolaslo Rafael Vustamante. I saw him once at school with Esther and Emeticia, ugh how I hate that girl. Esther.

"You are Niko, right?" tanong ko sakanya, confirming my speculation.

He nodded. "Yep, her boyfriend." he offered his hand so I accepted it.

My jaw dropped, widened eyes. "Puta, legit?" 

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