Chapter 27

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"You needed this,"

I cried as I saw my family side by side in one grave. Marcus was with me, his arms were around my shoulders, whispering things that made my chest calm. Ito ang funeral na ginawa ko para sakanila, all of them were cremated. Simple lang, there was me holding three baskets of flowers for them. I can't believe that my father got shot, my mother got a heart attack and died and Allyson died of her AML condition.

It's been three weeks since the party girl Abi, ruined her life in bars and drinking liquors. I was now wearing a black doll dress and white sneakers, crying my heart out and bidding farewell to my family all at once.

I sniffed. "I-I can't let them go.."

"You are not letting them go, they will always be with you." he whispered through my ears.

I am guilty. How can I cheat to this person, when he's done nothing but just love me? I gave him a weak smile when he looked at me. He grabbed my hand and intertwined it while he guided me back to his car, his own car whom he finally paid with his savings after all. I actually paid half of it to Annika's father a week ago, ayoko kasi siyang mahirapan.

May pasok pa kami ngayon dahil finals na. I didn't review anything even though Marcus was engaging me to study, I just can't. My mind is not at ease with all the pain and guilt I'm bearing. I just can't focus on anything.

"Alam kong matalino ka kahit hindi ka mag-aral, Abi. You can still ace the test." he kissed my temple.

I licked my lips and cried. "I'm sorry.."

"Para saan?" kunot-noo niyang tanong. 

I shooked my head and smiled. "I-I just needed to say that,"

He chuckled and opened the car's door for me. He's just so sweet and charming, how the hell did I do that to him? Last week, Marcus explained to me why he was always gone. He told me her mother's condition, but she's now awake and their hospital bills were paid. He even told me not to worry because he knows I would insist to lend him some money, kaya hindi na niya sinabi.

"Are we okay about Annika?" tanong niya habang nagda-drive papuntang school.

I nodded. "Yup! You got the car and I'm so happy for you."

He held my hand. "Sorry for making you think that I abandoned you and went back to Annika, I would never do that,"

"O-Of course, I would always forgive you." pinigilan kong umiyak. I am so guilty, I cheated on his friend.

"I love you," he pinched my hand and glanced at me.

I nodded. "I love you so much," 

I mean it. I really do love him, and I care for him even before. But I know, I'm only fooling myself if I say that I'm not in love with Nigel. Alam ko ang hirap ni Maru para makuha ang lahat ng meron siya ngayon, at ayokong sirain 'yun dahil nag-kamali ako.

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