Chapter 32

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"Oh my god! They sent me an email! I got in!" 

I exclaimed, shouting in excitement facing Cj through Facetime. Hindi ko ine-expect na makakapasok ako sa modeling agency sa New York. Like girl, I was just joking by the time I sent my portfolio.

["That's good news, Abi."] he responded.

I arched my brows. "I know right, but I'm not sure if I'm going to take it."


I heavily sighed. "I'm planning to spend my entire life here with Aya. Saka, naaalala mo ba si Thomas? Yung organizer ng isang charity sa may QC? Plano ko mag donates ng pera 'don, ngayon. Kasi one time, may nag-email sakin, nung nasa Madrid pa ako," I told him.

He nodded so I continued. "Her name is Penelope, she captured orphanage. There's not enough food, not enough shirts,  facilities and funds for their education. She was asking for my help, but since I was in Madrid and busy, I couldn't answer her." paliwanag ko.

["Are you gonna fund them?"] he asked and smiled. ["Tell me, cause I'd be honored to help them too. You know, I'm an orphan so I know that feeling,"] he continued.

I chuckled. "Naks, ang gwapo na, matulungin pa." 

Cj and I continued talking until Yara angrily called him but smilingly waved at me. Cj gave me an apologetic look and ended the call. After an hour, he sent 300,000 pesos for the donation, hindi na ako nagulat dahil yamanin talaga 'yang si Cj.

I took out my outfit and picked a white satin crepe tuxedo jumpsuit paired with my black stilettos and black leather baguette bag. I just put some touch of liptint and applied lipgloss to enhance my lips. 

"Lols," I called her through Facetime.

["Lols ampota, bakit?"] sagot niya na tinawanan ko nalang.

I was curling the end strands of my short hair. "Magkano ambag mo?"

["Anong ambag na naman 'yan? Kung inuman, pass. I'm on the duty of the two kids, today."] she assumed while cooking.

"Ang losyang mo," I rolled my eyes. "I'm talking about the charity event I'm attending today. Ano sa usapan lang may ambagan, tapos in person, drawing?"

She laughed wickedly. ["Ay! Sorry, 200k lang muna. Hati pa kasi kami ni Duke sa pang tuition ng mga bata, gusto mag-aral sa Ateneo. Ako nga nabuhay na sa online class,"]

"Okay, ang kuripot mo." I blurted and listed all the amounts I gathered today. "Ang yaman-yaman 200k lang ambag,"

["Wow, ha."] she rolled her eyes. ["If I know, 50k lang iaambag mo."]

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