Chapter 33

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"Tita, are you sick?"

Aya jumps in my bed to wake me up. I have been living here for the past few three days because I'm having a nightmare the first time I slept in my room at the house. It's giving me chills.

"I'm not sick, baby. I'm just tired." paliwanag ko at hinila siya para yakapin at kilitiin.

She chuckled. "No, Tita!!"

She keeps kicking me so that I won't reach her to tickle. "I'm coming to get you!"

"No, ah--" 

"Anak!!" my adrenaline came and caught her when she almost fell from the bed. "Oh my god! Are you, okay?!" I nervously asked her when she was holding her head.

She giggled and kissed me on my cheek. "I'm okay, mommy!"

I was in shock when she called me mommy, my heart flutters. Ang sarap sa tenga nang tawagin niya akong mommy, but I was also worried. Does she know? But she's still a kid!

"W-Why would you call me mommy?" 

She faced me, smiling. "You called me, anak earlier. Di'ba po, anak means daughter?"

I hugged her as tight as I could, shedding tears as she hugged me back. I never felt so happy until now, the way she calls me her mom, does ring a bell to me. I loved it.

"I love you so much, Aya." I whispered to her ear.

I felt her smile because her lips were pressed in my neck. "I love you, and Mama!"

I just shrugged and went to the bathroom after she left. I washed my face and brushed my teeth before going down to cook breakfast for us. Emeticia's father went out early for some business matter he needs to attend to, kaya kami lang tatlo ang kakain.

Nang makababa, inasar ko na kaagad si Emet dahil ang aga niyang magising. Alam ko namang maaga talaga siyang pumasok sa trabaho, gusto ko lang siyang inisin at asarin kay Rago. We ate quietly because of the food she cooked until we finished.

"Bye!" I shouted and started the engine. Ako ang maghahatid kay Aya ngayon dahil wala naman akong ibang gagawin. I'm still thinking about the New York proposal.

I faced Aya. "What's the address of your ballet dancing school?"

"I know! I know!" she took her seatbelts off and went in front to set the address.

I drove Aya to her ballet dance. She was so excited when I changed her clothes into a ballet dress and shoes, she was so happy and I couldn't disagree more.

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