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Encounter (Onze Series #1) by elayynitea
Encounter (Onze Series #1)by ela
Onze Series #1 Jared, an Engineering student from UST, whose dreams and priorities were far from love. For him, love is just a barrier to reach his goals... Until he enc...
I Met You In Ateneo by glamsofty
I Met You In Ateneoby Nandine
Margo Marxie Rodriquez from University Of Santo Tomas. The girl who loves to dance, The girl full of smiles. She was the only daughter of the Rodriquez clan.
United Nations Academy by Kumo-chan246
United Nations Academyby Kamiyona Kumo
This is about a little country that travels a whole new world and befriends with other country. But as the story goes, there's always conflict that's messing with her. L...
dear beomgyu, by snownotwhite
dear beomgyu,by v
hello, beomgyu. how are you doing? do you still remember me? it's me. i'm still waiting for you. i'm still holding on to your promise. [ 𝚃𝚇𝚃 𝙵𝙰𝙽𝙵𝙸𝙲𝚃𝙸𝙾𝙽 ]
End Up With You  by princesslheiya
End Up With You by princesslheiya
Childhood Sweethearts. Friends to lovers. Lovers to exes. Exes turned pretenders.
Of (Heart)Beats and Bylines [Completed] by annikadelavilla
Of (Heart)Beats and Bylines [ annikadelavilla
Two rising news reporters, Maine and RJ, try to out-scoop each other. What will they uncover at the end? (July 2017 - February 2018) *Some dialogues are in Filipino
The Baby Diaries by MoneyHeist_Palermo
The Baby Diariesby Martín Berrote
One-Shots of Phoenix and Palermo with their precious baby xxx Follows on from The Little Situation (Palermo and Phoenix) No Spoiler Alerts!! (Daddy!Palermo x Reader)
Absinthe by tmtala
Absintheby TM Tala
BJ, an internationally renowned financial analyst , is in perfect control of everything. His competence and skills brought him to the top of his career and success seem...
The Perfect Date -  romance / love story by melitajoy
The Perfect Date - romance / Melita Joy
He'll need more than his wealth to impress her!! Billionaire Alessandro Dalmassi has everything he could possibly desire - smoldering looks, fast cars, and a recently a...
He's Mine ( Tokyo Revengers ) by wyujikunn
He's Mine ( Tokyo Revengers )by chimniey
A AU of Tokyo Revengers where Mikey went with Takemichi Main Characters : Mikey & Takemichi Preview : "Mikey-kunnn" he heard someone's calling "Yes, Mi...
Adopted By Drag Queens (Raja And Jujubee A Drag Queen Story) by MyPresenceIsEnough
Adopted By Drag Queens (Raja And AL. Hayes
Courtney and 15 year old girl who's parents died when she was still young, she was sent to an orphanage where the care takers where abusive. She decided to run away, whi...
Have Fun With The States! - New Year, New Me! by kakuriyonerd
Have Fun With The States! - New kakuriyonerd
New year, new me! The Malaysian states and Manila are getting ready for the new school year. Most of them are already in secondary school but others are just starting to...
Pearl of the island 【a Countryhumans tale】 by Biscuiteey
Pearl of the island 【a Biscuiteey
Pangea was revived as an island which kept more than hundreds of countries, provinces, cities, and even small island territories living in it. Philippines was one of th...
The English Boy by iamsammyyy
The English Boyby Moira Samson
Filipina-English self-proclaimed tomboy, Joe McCarthy moves to Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England and starts adjusting to a new life. She gets sent to Grace Randolph Boardi...
Alone in Katipunan (Onze Series #2) by elayynitea
Alone in Katipunan (Onze Series #2)by ela
Onze Series #2 Yohan Lim from Ateneo, who is trying to move on from his ex lover, unexpectedly meets Claire, student from Benilde. It was not a one-time connection but a...
Meet me at Katipunan  by Bangtan_Wifey16
Meet me at Katipunan by Di ko mapalitan username ko🤠
An Atenean athlete, charming but flirty Lucas will meet the Kalog Med student from FEU Yerin who will change his whole life. Will they end up with each other?
The Unmarrieds by mlgdwrites
The Unmarriedsby Maria Leonor
ONGOING | What happens when the person whom you thought you'll spend the rest of your life with fell for another person? Will you fight for your love or will you just se...
Addiction by Gemmzy00
Addictionby Gemma
Takemichi had tried everything to try and get his long-term boyfriend to quit his filthy habit, but nothing he had tried was working. Direct action, it seems, is all tha...
Paper Planes by catchingfifa
Paper Planesby catchingfifa
Folding fears like paper planes, throwing them out into the sky, and hoping they'll never fly back.