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"Why did he do it?"

I was asking Nigel early in the morning. Of course, I was watered, again. I missed this, so quotang-quota ako. The kids weren't here at home, because they're at Lolita's.

"Kenzo fought with Aya that day on her ballet dance because he saw you. I warned him not to go to you, but instead, he makes a scene to get your attention." he put his arm under my nape so I can cuddle him close. 

Yes, we're still explaining things to each other after three years and a half of being together. Many things have changed, new blessings and disappointments but we're coping, the positivity is still within us. Manifesting only good things.

"He told me he was jealous because only her sister gets to hug and hold you but not him, that's why he said he hates you, he thinks you don't remember him or you don't love him," he added, explaining the day when Kenzo fought with Aya.

I pouted in awe. "My poor baby,"

"Yeah, he cried." he responded.

"I want to ask you something,"

He nodded. "What?"

"Bakit hindi kita mahanap nung mga nakaraang taon? It's like you vanished from thin air, there was no news of you, you were out of reach, even my friends couldn't tell where are you." I paused, getting a little emotional. "I just found you the moment I decided to search you on FB, years ago, but before that wala. I thought you may have blocked me on everything or something!" I added.

"I was in a province, I lived thereafter I saw you bleed. I was scared and lost, I don't know what to do and what to think. Two people found me wondering there, they took care of me when I was miserable. I always think of you, kung kumain ka na ba? Kung tumigil ka na ba sa kakaiyak? Kung sinisisi mo ba ako sa pagkawala ng anak natin? Kung nagsisisi ka ba na nakilala mo? I had those questions in my mind every day, and I couldn't get tired to think because it was you I was thinking," he explained.

I pouted and hugged him tightly. He's such a sweetie. Ilang minuto rin kaming ganoon, magkayakap habang nagbubulungan kung gaano kaganda at kagwapo and isa't-isa. I was laughing.

He kissed my temple. "Are you okay? Not sore?"

"Ano ka ba," I chuckled. "Ikaw ang paborito kong sakit,"

The both of us laughed as he tickled me. Ngayon lang ako naging ganito kasaya sa buong buhay ko, forgiving Nigel means a lot to me. Cj was right, if I forgive myself after then, I could actually learn to naturally forgive anyone. I got a message from Emeticia.

From: Emeticia

Fuck. Rago was arrested, I need you here, now. Call Duke.

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