Chapter 36

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"I wish I could tell her," 

Emeticia tapped my back. "Soon, she'll know."

Kanina pa akong nagda-dalawang isip kung sasabihin ko ba sakanya o hindi. I'm scared she might not accept the fact that Emeticia's not her real mother but me since, Emeticia has played a big part in her life.

"Do you think she'll be mad at me?" I can see worries on her face.

"Who's child gets mad at their mother?" I smiled.

Napailing nalang ako hanggang sa matapos kaming kumain sa pancake house. Emet and I decided to go shopping today because most of our clothes are in Spain, we just brought a few with us.

We went to H&M store and let Aya picked the clothes she desires, kahit ilan. I'm making this day a spoiling day for her, gusto ko siyang i-spoil kahit isang araw lang bago ko sabihin sakanya ang totoo.

"Pick whatever you want, baby. Sagot ko!" I happily announced and kissed her cheek that made her go look for dresses she likes.

Emeticia nudged me. "Kinakabahan ka?"

I nodded. "Yeah, super."

"Bibili muna ako ng kape, ano sayo? Libre ko na." she offered that made me suspicious.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "Coffee ba talaga?"

She just rolled her eyes at me, raising her middle finger at me. Napailing nalang ako sakanya at pinagmasdan ang anak na masayang namimili nang damit. She was pouting because she couldn't get the dress.

I smiled as I walked towards her and was about to help her when someone did. "Who's with you? Are you alone?" it's Nigel!

My daughter didn't speak but harshly took the dress away from Nigel's hand. Okay, why is my daughter being a baddie? She ran towards me and hugged me, pointing at Nigel.

"Why? What did he do?" I asked, curiously.

"You and Mama always said that I must not talk to strangers, right?" she innocently asked.

I licked my lips. I was kinda nervous and annoyed because Nigel wasn't supposed to show up here. We talked about giving me days before telling her the truth and now he's ruining my time with her.

I held her hand and leveled her by kneeling, so I can see her face. I caressed her face and smiled, hinwakan ko ang maliit na kamay ng anak, pinipigilan kong maging emosyonal lalo na at nandito lamang si Nigel.

"Can we..get inside the car? I'll say something to you,"

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