Chapter 44

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"Are you still not gonna talk to him?"

Jaime keeps bugging me here in my room. Hindi ko siya pinapansin, I'm just so tired of explaining to people, in exchange, they still betrayed me. Jaime knows about the transfer, he told me yesterday. Malinaw kong naaala pa.

"I knew about it," I was crying in my room when Jaime entered.

I chuckled, sarcastically. "I'm not surprised, from everyone, you were the most caring ones. What a great actor you are!"

"I kept it because I want Nigel to tell you first," he explained, but my ears were close for any explanation.

"I'm sorry, I-I tried to stop Nigel that day but he was so determined not to tell you," he shooked his head. "I-I couldn't stop him,"

"That's not the fucking point, Jaime!!" I shouted. "You could've said it to me the next day! Para hindi na ako iiyak araw-araw! I would not hate him that much to not forgive him! I would not be depressed! I wouldn't be like this! Damaged and broken!"

He bends his head down, looking guilty. "I'm sorry, I-I really do.."

"Get out!!"


"Fucking go! Get out!!" I shouted that made him flinched and had no choice but to get out.

I was so mad and exhausted. How can a friend betray you like that? I wasn't talking to anyone, I guess I'm just too tired to even explain. Naramdaman ko nalang na umalis na si Jaime, galit na galit ako sakanila ni Nigel sa pagtatago sa sarili kong anak.

Kenzo. That's why he looked so much like Nigel, I bet he doesn't even know me. Knowing Mikaela Watson, she was the surrogate, which means she is also her mother. Hindi ko matanggap.

"I know, umakyat na si Jaime at ayaw mo pang bumaba, alam ko." Emeticia sat beside me, holding my hand. "But you have to face your son, and Nigel."

Umiling naman ako. "A-Ayoko, piano kung ayaw niya sakin? Paano kung hindi niya ako talaga kilala? Paano kun--"

"Hindi masasagot ang mga paano mo kung hihiga ka lang dito mag-hapon," she interrupted.

I released a loud sigh. "I am just so tired to even face them, especially Nigel."

She scooted near me. "Nigel's an ass for lying and keeping things from you over again,"

"I hate him, so damn much." I whispered. "Kapag malapit ako sakanya, kung hindi ako iiyak, masasaktan ako."

Emet looks at me. "Do you love him?"

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