Chapter 29

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"I'm so excited to see you!"

Emeticia's been like this since the moment we landed in Madrid, three months ago. I'm now 12 weeks pregnant and we're here to see my doctor for my ultrasound and we can also have a sonogram picture of the baby.

"So, you're now 12 weeks at 6 cm and I suggest you should be more careful since you've had an accident before." I gulped as the doctor told me that. She pointed at the monitor. "This is your baby, he or she seems healthy. Just be careful and take your prescriptions."

Tumango naman si Jaime. "Yes, doc. We'll take care of this species." biro pa nito.

"Wanna hear its heartbeat?" she asked for her permission.

"Oh my god, ye--" I interrupted Emeticia.

"No," I told her and stood up, fixing my T-shirt. "I'm sorry,"

The doctor nodded. "Okay, that's fine. I'll leave you here,"

The doctor left us three. It's been 11 weeks and 6 days when I lost Silas Gideon, a twin brother I would have had if the incident had not happened. Those weeks have been tough for me, and all of the squad including Emet was supporting and comforting me every single day.

I'm still not okay, I barely eat just when I want to. To be honest, I don't wanna go to the doctor. I even don't want to give birth, it just hurts so much. Because of him, I lost my baby boy. Emeticia's arm was clunged into mine while Jaime's in front of us, walking.

"Cheer up a bit, Abi. You still have another kid." Jaime spoke.

I gave him a faint smile. "Easy for you to say,"

I walked out of them. I know Emeticia will stop Jaime to interfere, she knows when to stop him and now's the time. I took a taxi to went back to our apartment, it was not small but not too big. Jaime offers us his house near ours but both Emeticia and I declined, but we also stayed there like in the first weeks we're here.

I texted Emeticia that I'm going home and asked for some privacy myself, gladly she replied 'okay, take your time.' Sobrang laki ng utang na loob ko sakanya, she's been very comforting to me despite that she's also crying at night.

"Puedes parar aquí mismo?" I told the taxi driver to stop. "Gracias."

Iniabot ko sakanya ang bayad ko. I have work, which Emeticia banned me from doing so. Pero ayoko namang maging pabigat sakanya, lately, she's been paying all our bills and I can't do anything.

To: Emeticia

Changed my mind, you can go home. Papasok ako sa work ngayon, sayang sahod.

Few minutes, she replied.

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