Chapter 12

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"Ayoko na!"

I was screaming all over again because I couldn't understand a thing. I kept on reading all of my lessons, but nothing sticking to my mind. I just keep on forgetting it all over. I ruined my hair as I heavily rested my head on my study table.

"You're distracted," Nigel blunted.

"I'm not," I responded, head still on the table.

He was with me the whole day because he promised Racie to help her fixing our garden after her school. She's planning to plant more flowers. Wala kaming pasok ngayon, so is Nigel. We're both preparing for our midterms coming up.

I looked at him to see what he's reading. It's an engineering book. Ewan ko ba diyan, hindi naman 'yan ang dapat niyang inaaral kasi pang future pa 'yan, but he still reads it. He was only wearing black sweatpants and a white batman printed t-shirt. I didn't know he was a fan.

"Hindi ako fan ng batman, if that's what you were thinking." 

I laughed and went beside him to my bed. He was laying down there, both feet were raised on my wall while reading. 

"Paano mo nalaman?" 

He fixed his round specs. "The moment I entered your house, you were staring at my shirt. Kung gusto mo naman, meron pa ako sa bahay. I can give them to you," 

I pouted. "Sige thanks bro! Hinihintay ko lang na mapansin mo eh, dahil alam kong bibigyan mo ako."

"Kapal ng mukha," he murmured and simply glanced at me, rolling his eyes that made me laugh.

I lay down next to him while still reading all of my past lessons, but I don't know I forget all of them out of my head. Alam ko 'to lahat eh, napag-aralan ko na ito at halos perfect ako sa lahat ng mga quizzes namin. I aced them all, pero ngayon kahit isa wala naman akong maintindihan.

I stared at Nigel, he was peacefully reading his book as he knows it before he can read it. May mga notes pa siya sa gilid tungkol sa libro. I tried to squeeze in to see what he's reading. Mas lalo kong hindi nagets, pero may mga kaunti naman akong alam or natatandaan. I looked at the clock, it's already 3 pm.

"Let's go out, come on." pag-aaya niya at tumayo na. He didn't take off his specs.

Mas lalo akong humiga sa kama. "Tinatamad nga ako mag-aral, lalabas pa tayo."

"You're distracted, you need peace of mind."

"A piece of you, pwede?" pagbibiro ko habang tawa pa ng tawa dito dahilan para sumimangot siya.

He pulled me up. "Hindi kita type, kapatid mo yung gusto ko."

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