Chapter 23

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Kanina pa ako bumu-buntong hininga habang sikretong tinititigan si Nigel habang nagma-maneho. Hindi tama pero kinikilig ako, titig palang 'yan, Adrianna. Ano bang nangyayari sa'yo? Iniiwas ko ang tingin ko sakanya dahil baka mamaya makahalata na siya.

"Huwag ka nang kabahan," paalala niya dahil medyo malapit na kami sa school.

I heavily sighed. "Hindi naman ako kinakabahan sa'yo,"

"Sakin?" he chuckled out loud, may pag-hampas pa sa manibela. "I didn't know I have this overwhelming impact on you,"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Stop it! I don't even know how to say this to Marcus. I know I love him, but suddenly I felt these things about you, bwiset!" reklamo ko.

"Grabe, ikaw lang ang may gusto sakin na nag-reklamo." he was smiling.

I glared at him. "This is serious, Nigel. Ayokong masaktan si Marcus, and I'm not going to, so please respect my decision." I looked him in the eye. "We'll never be together, these feelings I have for you is shallow."

"I told you, I'm not pressuring you." he parked his car at the side and faced me. "But I'm not gonna leave, hindi lang naman kita gusto, kaibigan rin kita."

I gave him a small smile. "Oo na, bwisit."

He gave me a light pat on my head before I went out to go inside the campus. I heard whispers, names and scandals. I tried to be tough like I used to, sanay naman ako na ganito palagi akong may mga issue. Minsan pa nga, umagang-umaga ito ang bubungad sakin.

I was lost before then before Marcus came. I partied until dawn, kiss strangers at the party and drink until I passed out, and also lap danced every guy at the bar just to be happy and avoid issues from my family. That was my routine before Marcus came.

Tahimik akong pumasok sa loob ng room ko, 2B. Ramdam ko ang tingin ng mga tao sakin, but I just held my head high, trying to be intimidating. Like Nigel said, engage. I need to stop them but only if they engaged first.

"Why are you so quiet, honey? Your scandal has been released," maarteng nakapamewang na bungad sakin ni Janina.

I licked my lips and gulped."Well, you can't plan murder out loud, right?" I released a big smile. "Just watch your back, dalawa pa naman 'yan."

I left her speechless when I sat down on my chair. The class on my first subject started, even the professors have their tight sights at me, they've watched it of course. Who wouldn't? I just wish Emeticia's here with me, she's absent again and I'm also starting to worry.

I peeped a text to her and she replied that she's sick. Maybe she drank too much from last week, we went to a bar and drink with the squad, passed out and sleep that's it. At ngayon, nandirito ako sa loob ng office kaharap si Dean, syempre.

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