Chapter 28

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I held back my hair when I started to puke again this morning. I was gonna take the pregnancy test today but I can't help but think that the person I'm having a baby with if ever, is a bad and selfish guy.

Galit na galit ako sakanya at awang-awa ako kay Marcus pero hindi ko parin maiwasang hindi magalit, thinking he took the money. I texted both of them to meet me at Katherine's later after school.

"Please, God. Help me," mahinang bulong ko habang nakaupo sa sofa, hawak-hawak ang tiyan habang umiiyak.

I cried and cried last night. Nababalot ang gabi ko ng galit, takot at sakit. I am scared to face the fact that if ever the test said I am pregnant, I don't think I can be a mother, not now, not later. I am in pain because I have literally no one to rely on. I'm all alone in this cold house. 

And lastly, I am mad. At myself, at Marcus and Nigel. They fucking fooled me. Inayos ko na ang sarili ko bago pumasok sa school, ito na ang huling araw ng eskwela. Dito na malalaman ang listahan ng mga graduating.

"Abi, pinapatawag ka ni Miss Felicity sa office." That is Dean's co-principal. This is it. I have to face it.

I nodded at her and smiled. "Thank you,"

Tahimik akong naglalakad papunta sa office, umiiyak ng tahimik. It's like all of my dreams slipped away from my hand in just a second. My family, my sisters, my degree, my relationship and my life.

I opened the door and entered. My chest is racing so fast, my knees were shaking and I'm having a difficulty in breathing because of sudden panic and nervousness. Tanggap ko na naman na hindi ako makaka-graduate, ayoko lang marinig.

"Good afternoon, Miss Montenegro." bati ni Mrs.Felicity.

I wiped my tears and smiled at her. "Same po,"

"I know you've been having a hard time at home, and we've been tracking your activities and test scores at school since the third sem," she paused to let me process it. "You've aced for the first and second semester, and I am very proud of you."

I licked my lips to restrain myself not to cry. "I-I understand,"

"But this third and fourth sem, your grades dropped very low due to your absentees and fail tests especially your finals. I'm sorry, we can't do anything. We can't let you graduate this year,"

Ang sakit pala. Buong akala ko kapag narinig ko na, mas matatanggap ko. But I was wrong, the pain in my chest bang like it was hammered. Tears fell from my teary eyes, I couldn't do anything. 

"P-Please, I-I have no one to support me again to study next year." I cringingly pleaded. "No o-one will accept me as a scholar, I have scandal t-they won't let me have a scholarship. Please!"

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