Chapter 17

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"Maru gave it to me,"

I told Nigel when I saw him staring at it when I got inside. Mama and Manang were almost done cooking all the food and Racie was fixing the table while Allyson was sitting watching tv. It's already 11:45 pm, so few more minutes and it's Christmas. 

"I didn't ask," he snorted.

"But you were staring," I responded with a smile.

He just shrugged and walked out. I am so happy that we're complete this Christmas. I was about to join Allyson because she's watching Bridgerton, grabe hindi na nahiya kay Papa at Mama sa bed scenes. 

I walked towards her, para gulatin siya. Magugulatin pa naman 'tong babaeng 'to. I was about to spoil her but she stood up and almost fell if I didn't caught her. She started yelling which made me stiff and nervous.

"Ahh!!" she yelled in pain.

"Allyson!" I called her and ran. "Are you okay?!"

Inalalayan ko siyang umupo. She looks so weak, and damn she's burning! I shouted help for Mama and Papa because I saw blood on her nose and lost consciousness. Kaagad naman siyang binuhat ni Nigel at isinakay sa sasakyan. 

"I-It hurts.. Mama. S-sobra," she cried.

"M-Malapit na tayo, Allyson. Please h-hold on," mama responded, crying.

Papa was driving and Mama was on the front-seat, crying. Habang kaming apat nila Nigel at Racie nasa likod. I tried so hard not to notice her red spots at her back, but it's being noticeable. Tears shed from my eyes. 

"Will she be okay?" I tried so hard not to broke my voice when I asked Nigel.

His jaw clenched. "She will trust me." he held my hand.

I faced Allyson who was barely opening her eyes. She looks so exhausted. Bakit hindi ko napansin? I was so busy with my life not knowing my sister is feeling sick all these days. How can I be so unobservant? I should've known.

We reached the hospital and they immediately took her in a bed stretcher and went to the emergency room. I was holding Nigel's hands, praying to God that nothing will happen to my sister. 

"Stop crying, Abi.." he whispered.

I faced him with my tears. "I-I can't..I'm s-scared,"

He tightened his grip on my hand like trying to calm me. The more hours were here, the more nervous I become. I looked at my mother who also can't stop crying while my father was tapping her back, holding her hand. 

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