Chapter 6

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"Askal, Nigel. Askal."

Nakangiwi parin ako hanggang sa matapos siya sa pagkain. I stared at him as he eats, he looks okay? His hair was black comb-over, but right now? A messy hair, a literal mess. He looks like he's one of the players who played earlier. Medyo pawis din siya, pero mabango siya. A Lasallian trick, I guess.

"Wala ka bang balak pumasok?" chismosang sagot ko.

"Uhm," he stopped, thinking. "Wala," he smiled.

I rolled my eyes. "By the way, paano nagkakilala si Annika at Marcus?" curiously, I asked.

"Sa field. Annika smiled at him, and he responded with a smile also, then they both became friends or MU? I don't know," he explained while wiping his mouth with my tissue.

"I doubt that," he arched his brows. "Maru told me he doesn't have a girlfriend,"

"But he didn't say that they both have mutual feelings for each other, right?"

I was dumbfounded and speechless. "Y-Yes." 

He nodded and smile. "And he didn't deny that Annika's his crush?"

"Yes, so please huwag mo nang ipamukha? Feeling mo naman gusto ka ni Annika,"

He grinned. "You will never know that,"

I gasped when I realized something from his words. "Oh my god! Did you two had sex?!"

He continued to laugh his ass out, I knew it. Gago din talaga 'to araw-araw eh. My face remained serious and flat with no other expression than grimace with disgust at how he laughed. Para siyang tanga.

"Tapos ka na?" sarkastiko kong sambit.

"Wait lang," he smiled and continued to laugh while his dimples on his left cheek were so noticeable.

Iniwan ko na siya sa canteen dahil wala naman siyang kwentang kausap. I attended my next class. I waved my hand to Emeticia, with my meaningful look. Pakain-kain nalang kayo, ha? 

We have another graded recitation today and my name wasn't yet called. I'm so nervous if I will be the last to recite. Okay lang sa pang-gitna 'wag lang pang-una at pang-huli. Prof's expected the first one to be called has a perfect answer same as well for the last ones. 

"Montenegro," agad akong napatayo.

"In bridge widening projects, the method of stitching is it normally employed for connecting existing deck to the new deck?" 

I swallowed hard when she asks me that question. Please lord. "I-In the method of stitching, it is a normal practice to construct the widening part of the bridge at first and let it stay undisturbed for several months. After that, concreting will then be carried out for the stitch between the existing deck and the new deck.." I barely finished it.

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