Chapter 8: Ends to Hai Guang

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Today is the day, Huang Jing had decided. If Anbao wants to keep him as an anonymous that's fine but he will enchant her as himself rather than a hidden admirer. He hops out of his bed and quickly get dress, doing his normal routine. He then buys some fresh flowers from a shop as he heads toward school. He scrolls confidently into the school, finding Xiuwen on his way.

Huang Jing tells Xiuwen his plan of the day: Today is the day I will confess to Anbao as myself. Maybe she played hard to get and rejected me because I wasn't be straight forward that it was me. If only I'm able to find my phone then I can ask for her number, social medias, anything.

Xiuwen: Oh your phone, right. (fix his glasses) How has that been going?

Huang Jing twirls with the flowers: The office says they'll let me know if it get returned to the office.

Xiuwen: That's good.

A girl, the school hall monitor with her group of friends, sees Huang Jing with the flowers and stops him: Eh, what's that for?

Huang Jing: A girl?

The hall monitor shakes her head: Not allowed on campus, hand it over.

Huang JIng: Then why did you ask who it was for?

The hall monitor laughs with her group of friends: If it's for me then it's permitted on campus.

She snatches Huang Jing's flowers and walks away.

"How sweet! You got Miss. Li something?" says someone behind them.

Xiuwen and Huang Jing turn around to see Anbao and Yan Zhiming. Huang Jing is sad but he puts on a smile.

Huang Jing: Uh- Of course, Miss. Xi (Xiuwen whispers: "Li") -I mean, Miss. Li works to hard to make sure the hall is clean and is under appreciated.

Yan Zhiming adjust his glasses: Is today a special day? Miss. Li has been a hall monitor for over 5 months.

Xiuwen thinks quickly: Uh, because Li and Tie Cheng just broke up.

Anbao gaps: Huang Jing, I never knew you fancied Miss. Li.

Huang Jing shakes his head: No, I don't. I was just trying to comfort her. Remind her that she's very important to the school.

Xiuwen nods, trying to pass on Huang Jing's story. Yan Zhiming and Anbao doesn't think about it as they walk away. After they're further away, Xiuwen nudges Huang Jing asking him about his plan now and why he didn't tell Anbao.

Huang Jing: Not with Senior Yan around. I feel that he may torture me with math calculations in practice.


Yan Zhiming and Anbao sits at the patio on the roof of the tennis courts, taking in their daily vitamins from the sun. Anbao reads her book while Yan Zhiming looks over data, taking out his journal then remembering Qiao Chen's odd presentation yesterday. He closes his book and turns to Anbao.

Yan Zhiming: Biaomei, who were those girls at the ice cream shop? Why did they say you were a spy?

Yan Zhiming: Biaomei, who were those girls at the ice cream shop? Why did they say you were a spy?

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