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Drama and Movie Recommendations (Kdrama Cdrama Jdrama) by gracedaph
Drama and Movie Recommendations ( grace
Hello everyone, I have watch a lot of dramas and movies nowadays and I would love to make a recommendations to all of you. Feel free to check it out. And for your inform...
  • drama
  • wuxia
  • fantasy
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Meteor garden imagines by r0sebabyy
Meteor garden imaginesby ʀᴏsᴇ ᴄᴏʀɴᴇʀ ☕︎
inspired by meteor garden,, 流星花园
  • fanfiction
  • dylanwang
  • meteorgarden
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My Love Story by AliceKuroHime
My Love Storyby Kuro Alice
It had been 300 years since Bai Fengjiu was crown as the Queen of QingQiu. She was said to be extremely beautiful and graceful only second to her Aunt who was said to be...
  • baifengjiu
  • hurt
  • donghuadijun
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You are my Destiny-(Dong Hua Dijun and Bai Feng Jiu Fanfiction) by SreenaKs
You are my Destiny-(Dong Hua Sreena Ks
"Even If we are not fated to be together, that doesn't stop me from loving you.I'll still continue to love you for all eternity"-Bai Feng Jiu. The story revolv...
  • eternallove
  • donghuadijun
  • pillowbook
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Asian Dramas & Quotes by psychosupergoddess
Asian Dramas & Quotesby Rosé
Compilation of quotes, lines, and dialogues from Asian (Korean, Japanese and Chinese) Dramas I've watched and recommend. [WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS] Please read Auth...
  • kdrama
  • quotes
  • japanese
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Meteor Garden 2018: A Collection of Short Fanfics by Rosmiwrites
Meteor Garden 2018: A Collection Rosmiwrites
A collection of shorts for Meteor Garden 2018. Some were part of the fanfic festival over at Instagram account @everyoutfitonmeteorgarden2018 If you have an IG account...
  • shancai
  • meteorgarden2018
  • hauzelei
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Legend of the Dragon Princess by starlight_song
Legend of the Dragon Princessby starlight_song
"Be strong, dearest sister." whispered Jing, grabbing my hand firmly. I too forced a weak, trembling smile. "For this is a fate you won't need to bear a...
  • swordfighting
  • royal
  • crossdress
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Asian Dramas To Watch by xDreamer4004x
Asian Dramas To Watchby xDreamer4004x
Hey, hey! 👋🏻 Looking for Asian drama to watch? You came to the right place, darling, because here, is the list of various Korean and Chinese dramas (and many more) to...
  • list
  • actors
  • cdrama
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The Fox princess and the Heartless God.  by Atsuko_Minako
The Fox princess and the 美云温子은숙
Many years after Ye Hua's revival and his reunion with Qian Qian... Qian Qian's niece Feng Jiu desperately in love with the former Earth and Heaven God Dijun(Dong Hua)...
  • love
  • cdrama
  • dijun
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Destined to be Mrs. Death (Dilraba &Vengo Gao) by SreenaKs
Destined to be Mrs. Death ( Sreena Ks
Story revolves around Yen Lo Wang and Christina. He was ruthless God, not just a normal deity he was the God of Death, Due to some circumstances he was sent to earth...
  • destiny
  • death
  • fantasy
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F4 Random Stuff by Jiyoontae_
F4 Random Stuffby Binibining Adri🌹
[Random Stuff Series] Book 5 Funny and memorable stuff with the loveable F4💕
  • dongshancai
  • gujunpyo
  • boysoverflowers
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Ice Fantasy: Stepping Back Into The Fire by DrPinkOrchid
Ice Fantasy: Stepping Back Into Pink Orchid
After defeating her own father by her own hands,to stop him from anymore chaos. The Fire Tribe was cursed by the Fire Kings Actions as they will only live for the next 1...
  • liluo
  • adventure
  • fantasy
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Bu bu jing xin 2 fanfiction: Magnolia's destiny  by LizzyHimmelreich
Bu bu jing xin 2 fanfiction: ViLizzyKa
Note: this is made by me! I do not own the character name! If you don't know what bu bu jing xin is, let me tell you! Bu bu jing xin is a novel by Tong Hau. It is about...
  • 4thprince
  • fanfiction
  • cdrama
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The Turned Table of the Phoenix  by LindenTMorgan
The Turned Table of the Phoenix by Linden T. Morgan
In chess the weakest piece on the board is the king, the queen is the piece who must protect the king at all cost. When the queen is gone, the king is defenseless, power...
  • prince
  • unexpected
  • kdrama
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Lady Earthquake by WriterPratt
Lady Earthquakeby Cynthia Bailey Pratt
A child's deception leads to a life of adventure...and the unraveling of a heavenly mystery. All little An-Xia wanted was to learn sword-play, but the itinerant master...
  • fantasyromance
  • ancientchina
  • swordandsorcery
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a thousand years (and nine thousand more) by _xiaolan_
a thousand years (and nine xiaolan
"I've waited for you for 10000 years. I hope that you remember, we had a promise." The first century had been one of the hardest, feeling like eternity. After...
  • boyxboy
  • zhaoyunlan
  • angst
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Alternate Beginning- A Prequel  by Rosmiwrites
Alternate Beginning- A Prequel by Rosmiwrites
What if Daoming Si and Shancai met earlier? Based on the MG 2018 series, come and explore a prequel to their story. This started as a one shot, but took a life of its o...
  • dongshancai
  • chinesedrama
  • fanfiction
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The Lord Guardian's two lovers by SpeXialHoe
The Lord Guardian's two loversby SpeXialHoe
How does one special human, the great chief Zhao Yuolan, deal with both the feared ambassador black cloak aka professor Shen Wei, and his sleazy twin Yezun? Yezun and Sh...
  • comedy-romance
  • bl
  • danmei
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C-Drama - What You Need To See by C-apple
C-Drama - What You Need To Seeby Drama Fanatic
Every C-drama I found worth watching, I will review for you. Suggest any you want me to add or do a review for.
  • legendofthesword
  • fantasy
  • chinesedrama
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Our Vow by _xiaolan_
Our Vowby xiaolan
No matter how much time had passed, no matter where we go... there will be a day where we meet again. If not in this life, then in the next. Oneshot: Guardian/镇魂
  • bl
  • boylove
  • yaoi
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