Chapter 15: Eggs and Flour

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    As Anbao walks home, she starts to get the feeling of eyes on her. She looks around her surrounding when someone suddenly shouts, "Get her!"

   Multiple student, at least 20 got out from random places and threw eggs aimed for Anbao and while many missed, some landed on her. In anger, Anbao pushed students in front of her back until a student came out with a camera pointed at her.

 He laughs: Wow, Haiguang! Remember the girl that took the dirty ball a few months back? Here we are with a part two!!!!

      The crowd of students cheer around Anbao as she sits on the ground defeated in embarrassment. She wipes some egg off her hair and skirt with her head hung low.

The student with the camera continues: Hm~ What goes best with eggs? Oh! Flour! I heard from Li Sheng that you can bake well. Let's see if you'll rise!

    Anbao feels tears building up in her eyes but she does not break into tears. A group of boys come with a bag of flour and pour it over her but the flour does not hit her. Instead, it landed on a jacket that shields her head.

    Anbao to the side of her and sees a young student about Lu Xia's age, not from Haiguang, using his jacket to shield her. He seems familiar and he also looks familiar.

Student with the camera: EH! Who are you? 

   Suddenly, a tennis ball stuck him in the face. Then more tennis ball came and stuck the face of the boys that attempted to pour flour on Anbao.

The student that has come to Anbao's rescue whispers: Come on, let's go.

   With an arm still holding the jacket over her head, the young student help Anbao up and escape through the crowd.

A girl from the crowd: Eh! They're leaving! (a ruckus starts again as everyone turn to Anbao's escape but more tennis balls also came at the students causing them to disperse)

   Once they got far away, the young boy seats Anbao on a brick garden barrier as he steps back and shakes the flour off his jacket. Anbao sits with her head held low, unable to bring her face to see her savior. She feels as if she was going to break right there. 

   The boy knees down and puts a hand on her shoulder: Anbao jie, are you alright?

   Surprised that the boy knew her name, she looks up at him but remains silent. So close...She can almost put her finger on it...Where has she seen him from?

   Another comes running down the street, putting down his tennis racket: They're gone for good.

   Anbao looks to the second savior, a fair skin student with light brown hair, also familiar. She looks at their clothes, red and white, Gou Zi high school! 

  Guan Yue, the Captain, hands her a napkin but she doesn't take it. 


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