Chapter 21: Operation Confession (Part 2)

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     Anbao get home and goes to goes into a meeting with Yan Zhiming, telling him about her finding with No. 6 High School's tennis members and Coach.

Anbao quickly types on her phone: Oh! Mr.- uh Jian-ge also gave me the vegetables they grow. It's in the kitchen.

Yan Zhiming slowly takes Anbao's phone away: Jian-ge?

Anbao: Oh! Kui Jian, their team captain. I thought it would be easier to call me Anbao rather than Miss. Yan so he says I should call him Jian-ge. 

Yan Zhiming gives suspicious eyes at Anbao then look at her screen: Why are you messaging Jiale?

Anbao: That has nothing to do with this meeting. I came to strictly pass on information I found. (leans across the desk) I think Coach Muyan was trying to set me up with Jian-ge. (chuckles)

Yan Zhiming hands her back her phone: Anbao, call him Kui Jian. No need to use close names.

Anbao: Great! I'll go get ready now! (runs out of the room)

Yan Zhiming: Get ready? What for?

   But Anbao did not return an answer but his mom did.

Mrs. Yan: No questions unrelated to the meeting. Anbao is a girl, you don't need to know about where a girl goes. 

  Yan Zhiming sighs and shifts his glasses before continuing to finish his slides.



Jiale: I've made a reservation. Just go in and ask for the reservation in my name.

Anbao: Oh, okay then.


    Anbao get to the table of reservation and noticed that these are only two chairs. She quickly tells the waiter that she's at the wrong table but the waiter assures her that she's at the right table then quickly leaves. 

Anbao:  I guess Jiale can deal with it when he gets here.

    She decides to enjoy the nice view of a green pond with cranes and ducks swimming around below.

Meanwhile, across pond, Xinglong is making his way there and also on a call with Dachi and Jiale.


Xinglong: Oh, I see Anbao on the outside area. Nice place, Jiale.

Jiale: Of course! 

Dachi: Xinglong... there's something we need to tell you.

Xinglong: Yes? What is it?


   Xinglong thinks he lost connection and tries refreshing his phone but at the end of his way, Dachi and Jiale were there. They wave him over.

    Dachi and Jiale give him a big smile before they spill their plans.

Jiale turns Xinglong towards Anbao's direction. She doesn't see them.

Dachi: I don't like Anbao in that way. I can't. But there's someone that does.

Jiale: This was all a ruse to get you and Anbao to admit your feelings before you convince yourself of a lie. That you only like each other as friends! 

Xinglong: Wait-

Jiale: Don't wait any longer.  can't wait any longer! You go and tell her of your feelings tonight.

Dachi looks up to the sky: It's getting dark.

Jiale: Good Luck! Not that you'll need it.

Dachi: We've paid for your meals already so don't worry.

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