Chapter 3: Rewire

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The weekend has arrived and it's game day for the team. Yan Anbao had woken up early and cooked breakfast, some for Uncle and Auntie Yan and some, packed for Yan Zhiming later. They left early in the morning to met up with the team. Anbao would've preferred to go later but she had no one to walk with nor will she know where to go so she had to go early with Yan Zhiming.

They go to the meeting area and only Mu Siyang along with Zhou Zhi are there. Anbao shys away at Zhou Zhi's presence. He was even more handsome standing before her. In fact all the tennis members were very handsome.

Anbao sits on the stones outlining a flowerbed while the members all gather up and wait around. No one really pays any attention to her nor does she pay any attention to them. Anbao is just messaging Peng Xiang back and forth on directions to the tennis courts. When she looks up to see how many people have arrived but finds herself alone. Quickly looking around it seems that they have forgotten her. She knows that the tennis courts are just around the corner as the check-ins are the other way.

While in her turns to see which way is which she bumps into a girl and drops her phone. The girl quickly picks it up.

"I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry" said the girl.

Anbao: Oh that's okay. Uh but do you know where the entrance for audience are, this is my first time here.

The tall girl smile: Yes, come with me. (Ask they walk they make conversation) Are you here with anyone?

Anbao: Oh, yes it's just me...for now.

The tall girl extends her hand: I'm Xu Xingzi, I'm here for the Yu Feng game.

Anbao shakes her hand: Yan Anbao, I'm here for the Yu Qing game.

Xingzi: Oh, I couldn't tell. Yu Qing students usually wear their school uniforms to the games.

Anbao looks over her outfit again: Do they?

Xingzi chuckles: Don't worry about it. Eh, by the way, I have a friend in the Yu Qing tennis team, tell Qiao Chen I said "Jia you!"

Anbao nods: Of course, thank you, Xingzi.

They separate to different tennis courts. When Anbao walks in she sees Qi Ying and Peng Xiang already seated and waving her over. All the students stare at her, they know that she's a student of Yu Qing but she's not in her uniform. Peng Xiang is quick to shout their stares away though.

As the game begins, she finds Xiuwen and Huang Jing by a stretcher. Peng Xiang explains that Xiuwen and Huang Jing are showing their dedication by being paramedics. When the teams comes to take their seat Anbao notices that the other school's players seem pretty fierce yet idiotic, there's two younger player that keep arguing with each other. Anbao chuckles a bit, she feels like their team is a reflection of the opposing team.

The announcement goes around that the first pair is Qiao Chen and Baiyang going against two others called Shoyo Hinata and Tadashi Yamaguchi. The short one seems a little sick but has a serious growl while that taller one seems more relax and arrogant.

The game starts and it seems like neither pair will get themselves together, perhaps it might just end in a tight. Qiao Chen and Baiyang keeps getting in each other's way while the other team's player are continuously arguing with each other,but in the way that their complimenting each other to do better????

Anbao gets bored of the cheering as she keeps on messing up and cheering quietly so that no one will notice. A-mu, sitting next to her, hands her a pompom and passes more cheering spirits to her while she passes a kind, unsure smile back. She suddenly shouts out, "Qiao Chen, Xi Xingzi said good luck, don't disappoint her!" Eventually, somehow, the game ends with Qiao Chen and Baiyang victorious.

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