Chapter 11: Doubles

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Yan Zhiming and Anbao walk to the location where the game will be taking place. Anbao is on video call with her parents and Little Dumpling. Anbao gush and baby-talks to Little Dumpling who excitingly scoop a part of the sky down.

Anbao's mom turns the camera back to her: Where are you doing? Isn't it a weekend over there?

Anbao nods: We're going to Biaoge's tennis tournament.

Anbao's mom take the cucumbers off her eyes: What? Tournament? Where's your cousin? Let me see him and wish him good luck.

Anbao hands the phone to Yan Zhiming who looks at the phone and plasters on an awkward smile: Auntie, how's New Zealand?

Her mom laughs: It's cold here, Little Dumpling hardly gets to go anywhere. But enough about me! Auntie didn't know you were in tennis. Are you their data person?

Yan Zhiming stiffly nods.

Her mom chuckles again: Of course you are! Yans' are so smart! Good luck on your game today! No data can change luck.

Yan Zhiming smiles: Uh, thank you, Auntie. (hands the phone back to Anbao)

Anbao: Mom, let me see Little Dumpling. (her mom turns the phone to the dog, Anbao smiles) Little Dumpling is so old but he's still so full of energy.

Her mom agree: Of course! My Little Dumpling is still a puppy! He has been getting lazier though. Every time we come home, he's in his bed sleeping. Alright, Mommy got to go know, bye~! (ends the call)

Anbao puts her phone in her bag and sighs happily. Yan Zhiming turns to look at her: Why aren't you going to the game today?

Anbao: I saw the list of people coming today, all those kids look at me weird, some look sad, some look mad. I'll wait for Zhou Zhi to sort things out.

Yan Zhiming: Then why are you walking with me to the courts?

Anbao: I have somewhere I want to go but I doubt Auntie and Uncle will let me go anywhere without you so I'm just tagging along until Yu Qing goes in.

Yan Zhiming: You shouldn't be going anywhere without me.

Anbao: I shouldn't but I can.

From afar, Dachi and Jiale spots Yan Zhiming and Anbao, quickly walking over to them. They guide them to the team meeting spot as Dachi and Yan Zhiming go over Qiao Chen and Lu Xia's progress as doubles.

Jiale: Anbao, I heard from Peng Xiang that you won't be at today's game. Why not?

Anbao: Mm, I have somewhere to go but I'll meet you all at Xinglong Restaurant later.

Jiale: Oh~ Without our cheerleaders, I'll be so drained of energy. (pouts)

Anbao: Don't worry. We got that covered, lot of students are coming today to give you energy. Besides, I'm not a part of the cheer squad, yet.

As soon as more team members start showing up, Anbao excuses herself and leaves. Everyone questions but no one speaks of it...except Qiao Chen and Huang Jing.

Qiao Chen: Where is she going?

Huang Jing: She's not going to support Haiguang today, is she?

Qiao Chen gasp: When did you get here?

Huang Jing: I while ago but this place is full of Yu Qing students today. My medic hammock and I have nowhere to stand without Xiuwen.


Anbao quickly gets away with a rental bike and bikes to the close by forest. She quickly ditches her bike and walks into the forest to the location she had self-proclaimed her own space. She lays down on a large rock, hiding in the shade and opens up a book to read.

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