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Cross Over [ PoT - KnB ] by WickedFG
Cross Over [ PoT - KnB ]by •KRML•
after a devastating change, Yuki had decided to transfer to where her Childhood Bestfriend is, where she met his quirky Teammates and friends, and there also; she'll lea...
Healing My Heart (Tezuka Love Story) by KatherineIn
Healing My Heart (Tezuka Love KatherineIn
Tezuka and I were arranged to be married at a very young age. We were only in middle school. I didn't think I could afford to love anyone due to my condition. Will I let...
His Princess by RiemaXoXo
His Princessby RiemaXoXo
No one actually understands why Echizen Ryoma refused to be a pro.
The Love Score || Zhuo Zhi by Snowy_Stars
The Love Score || Zhuo Zhiby 𝑺𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒚 🔥
Recently transferred from overseas back to her country, China, Mu Yue En begins the start of her new school life in Yu Qing High. In order not to attract any attention t...
The Prince of Tennis | Zhou Zhi by KSolbi_
The Prince of Tennis | Zhou Zhiby Kim Solbi
Lu Lian is Lu Xia's younger sister just by 2 months and their father was a famous tennis player back in the day. Lu Xia plays tennis just like their father but not Lu Li...
Youthful Days (Book 1) by riliefox
Youthful Days (Book 1)by Rilie Fox
Hanamachi Ayuna is a flawless girl with two secrets: one, a mysterious, recurring bad dream; two, the ability to predict tennis match outcomes. At Seishun Academy, she b...
The Ice Princess of Rikkaidai by KiritoriKazuto
The Ice Princess of Rikkaidaiby Qiu_Yu_
Fem Ryo. After her best friend died in an accident, Echizen Rika quit tennis for good before she is then pushed into playing tennis with the boys' team... in Rikkaidai.
Prince of Tennis Ryoma x Twin Male Oc by Oni-Yuki-Ryu
Prince of Tennis Ryoma x Twin Bunny
I'm not good at discriptions. This is a brother x brother fanfic, please don't read if you don't like that suff. This is my first story insalt and give feedback. Slow u...
Yudan sezu no ikou (Don't let your guard down) by Fran_Malaga
Yudan sezu no ikou (Don't let Franchesca
Stoic Tezuka Kunimitsu cares only about tennis, but what happens when a new girl peaks his curiosity? Will he realize he likes her and allow love to be a part of his lif...
Seigaku Princess (Prince of Tennis) by eiasenri
Seigaku Princess (Prince of Tennis)by Eia -
Everyone was shocked to see Ryoma Echizen hugging a girl they saw for the first time. The senpais are excited to hear who she is and how did she become Echizen's girlfri...
Crazy Love by Hiroakki
Crazy Loveby Hiroakki
Echizen Akia and Akiko, older twin sisters of Echizen Ryoma, despite being twins, are very different from each other. Everything from the way they look, to the way they...
[Prince of Tennis] My Younger Sister by YukimuraRika
[Prince of Tennis] My Younger Yukimura Rika
What if The Prince of Tennis, Echizen Ryoma has a younger Sister, Echizen Rika, age 3? How will Seigaku, and other schools react when they see the Chibi Echizen? Highes...
Fool In Love With You || Mu Si Yang by Zyy_Luvmatcha14
Fool In Love With You || Mu Si Yangby Zyy_Luvmatcha14
Lu Zian just came back to her home after the whole disaster that happened to her arms, missing her sport and how she trained her brother. Her brother and father was glad...
Fiancé...WAIT WHAT!? (Ryoma×Oc Fanfic) Pot by Luciel_Raze21
Fiancé...WAIT WHAT!? (Ryoma×Oc Luciel_Raze21
What if the Famous Prince of tennis have a Fiance?, How will the Regulars gonna react?, What's going to be Ryoma's faith?, How will he tell the Regulars?, What wil...
Deafening Silence ( prince of tennis) (#wattys2016) by HannahAill
Deafening Silence ( prince of Hannah Aill
Echizen Roko is Ryoma's twin brother. He's intelligent, stubborn, rude and mute. So what happens when the Echizen twins finally separate, and Roko chooses to go to Rikka...
Ryota Echizen by JadeNight14
Ryota Echizenby JadeNight14
We've all heard of Ryoma and Ryoga Echizen's adventures, but we haven't heard about their youngest brother. Although he's related to the two wild cards, Ryota Echizen is...
Forgotten by artemisbexter
Forgottenby artemisbexter
Arita seems normal, except for the fact that she looks slightly different and also, she does not remember most of her childhood. When she goes for the tennis trials, she...
Eternal Souls (AFS) - Prince of Tennis Fanfic by joni99
Eternal Souls (AFS) - Prince of J.J. Sharr
Allistar Academy. A school shrouded in mystery. Only those who have been invited can enter. No one knows why they hide themselves. Many say it was a school for the gifte...
The Court Dancer | A Prince of Tennis Fanfiction by ReikaNanatsuki
The Court Dancer | A Prince of Reika Nanatsuki
Tezuka Kunimitsu has a sister who chases after a dream to become a professional ballerina in Germany. However, fate is playing game with her - leaves her with no choice...
I'm sorry, what? (Ryoma X Reader) by CeceliaThirteen
I'm sorry, what? (Ryoma X Reader)by Cecelia13
Ryoma and Y/n have been dating every since they met. They only met because Y/n's father forced her to play tennis with some other junior kids her age and she had been pa...