Chapter 13: Rekindle

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   As Jiale walks to meet up with Dachi them, the dog keeping by his side. On a forked path, Jiale takes out his phone to check if Dachi had sent him any instruction on which path they took but then he started hearing a chatter approach from the right path so he quickly hid with the dog on the higher left path and wait to see who it could be.

   Approaching him was two Haiguang students, no doubt from their yellow and black uniform. Jiale stays hidden with the dog and listens on their conversation.

Haiguang student #1: Yuren, when we find Anbao, Captain should know. He's also worried.

Student called Yuren: Ai~ Captain Bai is even worried for Anbao while in his condition. Of course, you can let him know when we find her, Ke Jie.

Student called Ke Jie: It must be Haiguang that finds Anbao. Yu Qing has nothing with our little Anbao. I heard that their members have been bullying her, saying Anbao's a spy. How dare they!


   Both students take out their phones and look at the screen briefly before going out of Jiale's radar. Since he could no longer hear them, he continues on his way with the dog. Jiale figured that if Yu Qing was at the right path, the Ke Jie student wouldn't say it.

    When Jiale caught up with Yu Qing, they're in a face-off with Hai Guang. Jiale puts on a serious face and joins the line by Dayong. The dog is happy to see Dayong and runs his head under Dayong's hand for a gentle pat on the head. Dayong kindly does so making the dog wag his tail.

   Since Jiale just got to the situation, he remains quiet until it's clear what's going on

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   Since Jiale just got to the situation, he remains quiet until it's clear what's going on. Not even a minute later, the two other Haiguang that Jiale had nearly ran into also came up behind them and join the Haiguang face-off.

Huang Jing: Jinny, you've hid that you were already searching the forest before us. I have no reason to believe you. You must have found Anbao already.

Xiuwen timidly: Uh- Huang Jing?

Jin: To be fair, there was probably a reason Anbao answered to us and not Yu Qing. 

A Haiguang student with a cap interupts: Jin, that's enough.

Jin:..Yes, Captain.

Ke Jie: Right! It's passed to Haiguang that Yu Qing's team members bullies Anbao with rumors.

Huang Jing: You-

Mu Siyang: Huang Jing, that's enough.

    Both team stand silent for a tense few seconds before the Haiguang Captain makes the first more.

Tian Zilong: Captain Mu, we have combed through this side of the forest. She is likely on the other side. I'm sorry we have not communicated.

   Silently, everyone on the Yu Qing side broke a sweat thinking about the West side of the path, except for Yan Zhiming who writes in his journal recording everyone's reaction to the West Path.

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