Chapter 14: Screams and Laughter

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    It has been many weeks ago since Anbao had ran away from home. The next two weeks after that was quiet in the house and at school. Of course, Huang Jing did his best as a friend to help Anbao through it with Wentai's friendly instruction on Anbao's likings. Anbao had since accepted her dog's death. A lot of things have changed, her schedule at Xinglong, her time with Jin, her time at the tennis games. 

   Through the many weeks that had gone by, Yu Qing has won against Yu Feng, a team that has their own up-bring story; Gou Zi, where Anbao learns that Zhou Zhi had a little brother; and No. 3 High school, where He Xinglong was thought to have a girlfriend of his own only to turn out to be his childhood friend's mother.

   Anbao sets some plates down for customers: Enjoy your food!

   In walks two girls with bows in their hair, Tei Kegou and Li Sheng from Haiguang; the two girls from the ice cream shop. They take a seat and Anbao quick rush over to take their order before scanning their faces then dropping her pen and paper to her side.

The girl with the glittery bow, Li Sheng: Oh! Anbao, you work here? (looks around the restaurant) How cute is this place, Kegou! Treating you nice than Haiguang?

Anbao: No, I don't work here. I'm just taking apprenticeship.

The girl with the poka-dot bow, Tie Kegou: So~ It looks like Haiguang's news of you hasn't gotten here...yet.

Anbao sighs: What can I get for you?

Tie Kegou: We just came here to see for ourselves if you work here.

Li Sheng: But get us black tea with almond milk.

   Anbao quickly writes it down then go get their order, bringing it to them then tending to the other customers. Mr. He watches as Anbao serve and clean each table while the two girls take selfies and video, even going live. He shakes his head. He sees it; they're teasing to film Anbao working. When Anbao walks back inside kitchen to assemble more plates, Mr. He takes the plates and tells her to stay in the kitchen.

   Mr. He walks out to the diner and the two girls seem disappointed then pay their bill; walking out of the restaurant. When he gets back, he finds Anbao crouched down against the cabinet with her hands covering her face. Mr. He kneels down by her then pats her shoulder.

Mr. He: What was once your past is not your future. Stand, girl. Stand tall.

    Anbao takes a breather then stands up. She can't let that stupid film of her get to Yu Qing or she will be the laughstock that she is. She nods then gets back to work.

   Not too long after, Xinglong returns to the restaurant from the back door and throws on his apron, quickly helping to clean the table and all until the sky turned dark. 

   As Anbao and Xinglong wash the dishes, they chat.

Anbao: You returned earlier and earlier each day. Do you not trust the restaurant under my  care?

Xinglong chuckles: Silly, I just finish my practice earlier. I do them quickly so I can return and help at the restaurant.

 I do them quickly so I can return and help at the restaurant

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