Chapter 19: Preparation Retreat 3

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     Anbao has spent all of yesterday preparing for the final day's feast. Xingzi helped her marinate all the meat and cut up all the vegetables. Xingzi is sad to leave but excited for the last day's feast. They got a call from Coach Qi that Qi Ying and Huang Jing are feeling better but they will not be returning so the kids are on their own until Coach Qi comes to check them out the morning of leaving. 

   Even when it rained and there was a black out, Yu Qing worked hard. Anbao also works hard on her own thing upstairs.

   Today, Anbao plans to return to the courts as she has many questions. Of course, she will also have to avoid He Xinglong. It gets hard to breathe and she find that her heart races like crazy, making it hard to breathe.

   The teams warm up, doing their stretches as Anbao walks into the courts and sits by Zhou Zhi who is stretching his legs. Anbao does his stretches with him as she starts a conversation.

  Zhou Zhi: Anbao, you're joining us today?

Anbao: Yes, but more specifically, do you mind if I join you? Just for a moment

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Anbao: Yes, but more specifically, do you mind if I join you? Just for a moment. I have personal questions.

Zhou Zhi: Are you seeking advice? I am blunt and not great at feelings.

Anbao: Well, that's not true. You love Zhou Yi very much. 

Zhou Zhi: I do. (stands up and helps Anbao up) But ask yourself this. If your personal questions has the feeling of mystery, I'm sure my brotherly love would not uncover it for you.

Anbao: Oh... I guess that makes sense but you've helped my sort out my thoughts. I'm definitely not coming back to you or Yan Ge for this.

Zhou Zhi: Really? Who's going to put emotion into your questions?

    A ball fly pass Zhou Zhi and Anbao, getting trapped between the fence. They turn to see Baiyang who quickly apologizes before returning to his swings.

Anbao: I know someone who can. (walks away)

Zhou Zhi gives a small smile. He has known what others didn't know for a long time. Now, it seems to be coming around more.


    Anbao goes to the edge of the court where Baiyang restlessly swings his racket. She calls out to him tells him the same thing she told Zhou Zhi. Baiyang didn't seem like he wanted to care but when Anbao put up a small act of head hung low Baiyang sighs and stop the machine before telling Anbao that he'll have a quick chat with her. Anbao ecstatically runs over to him and thank him before they go sit at a bench.

Baiyang: Okay, what's your question?

Anbao hands him his water: Well, it's more like a situation than a question. So there's this person-

Baiyang: Stop. Is this girl talk?


Baiyang stands up: Why don't you go talk to Xingzi about it?

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