Chapter 9: F, Fo, Fol, Foll, Follo, Follow

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Qiao Chen and Baiyang walk into the tennis club, ready for the early practice but they find Mu Siyang sitting at the table. Siyang have them take a seat then pulls out the drawing that he had kept of the Hai Guang player.

Siyang slides it on the table: Explain her connection.

Qiao Chen and Baiyang look at each other. Qiao Chen gives a silly smile and takes out his binder with the infamous question mark on it as a cover. Baiyang roll his eyes and takes out flashlights.


Yan Zhiming and He Xinglong are sitting outside the tennis clubhouse since the weather is so nice. He Xinglong is doing homework while Yan Zhiming is looking over data. Something changes in Yan Zhiming's peripherals and he looks up to the tennis clubhouse, seeing Baiyang close the blinds. Yan Zhiming shifts his glasses and pays it no mind. Then he sees Anbao with a bag walking in for a few moments then walking back out. He analyze her expression as she looks at her phone then sighs. Yan Zhiming decides to play so he messages her.


Yan Zhiming: Biaomei, will you be staying for practice today?

Anbao: Typing...

Anbao: No, I have something planned today. See you at home! :)


Yan Zhiming looks up as Anbao skips off campus.

Yan Zhiming (shifting his glasses again): She is taking an inconvenient exit. If she was going home she would have taken the East exit, if she was headed to Xinglong Restaurant then she would have gone right instead of left. Something is up.

Just as Yan Zhiming finishes his thought, he find Qiao Chen (wearing a black jacket w/ the hood on) and Baiyang crouching around the hall, hiding behind each bush until they reach the exit while the Captain walks casually behind them.

Yan Zhiming turns to Xinglong: Xinglong, what are the dates Anbao is set to be apprenticing at your restaraunt?

Xinglong looks up from his textbook: Friday and the weekends.

Yan Zhiming closes his journal and turns off his tablet: Come on.

Xinglong (all sweet and smiley)[<3 OMG Xinglong so sweet!!!]: Where are we going?

Yan Zhiming swings his bag over his shoulder: We'll find out when we get there.

Xinglong doesn't know what's going on so he just closes his textbook and follows Yan Zhiming's lead.


Zhou Zhi walks out of the changing room and sees Yan Zhiming and Xinglong walking out of campus.

Zhou Zhi: A-Yan don't really go off campus...what's happening today?

He looks up to the tennis clubhouse and finds the blinds closed just as Coach Qi walks in and open the blinds. She waves to Zhou Zhi and he smiles, waving back.

Zhou Zhi quickly catches up to Yan Zhiming and Xinglong outside the gates where Yan Zhiming fills Xinglong and him in on Yan Zhiming's suspicion. Though Xinglong and Zhou Zhi believes that Yan Zhiming may be suspicious for nothing, they still follow along.


Dachi and Jiale walk back towards campus after staying and gaming (well, only Dachi while Jiale watched over his shoulder) at their special place to see Zhou Zhi walking away with Yan Zhiming and Xinglong outside the gates. They're all huddled together making Jiale's curiosity spark.

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