Chapter 25: A Love to Remember

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During the challenge, Anbao finds that it's almost instinctive that she knew where everything was and even though she didn't have an idea of what she was making, she was making something that came naturally.

When it was time to present their dishes to the three judges, Yan Zhiming, Lu Xia, and Lu Xia's father, Anbao and Mr. He's dishes were identical.

Lu Xia's father came to a stop in his MC persona: What's this? You made the same dishes. Even the presentation is the same. (takes a bit of each) They even taste the same. How will we have a winner now?

Anbao turns to Mr. He: I worked here? This is my job?

Mr. He: Nope, you're my apprentice along with Xinglong.

Lu Xia's father ends his live: Nice, nice. Now we have enough food for all of us.

Mr. He: You guys enjoy. My Xinglong must be back from the duck farm by now.

Mr. He goes to the back as Anbao gets another memory episode. She squints her eyes as she sees her and Xinglong racing each other at chopping. She sees her up on a shelf throwing ingredients down to Mr. He. Then she sees Xinglong helping her up, she had even bump into him. How embarrassing.

As Xinglong walks in to greet everyone, Anbao turns away flustered and slightly blushed. She felt as if she had just invaded his personal life even though she saw herself in the memory. She was not a part of his personal live, just apprentice colleague. Again, she lies to herself as she heats up when Xinglong greets her as if for the first time.



Jiale: Dachi, I did something bad

Dachi: What is it?

Jiale: Yesterday, I said a few harsh words to Anbao

Dachi:...such as?

Jiale: Something along the lines of "This is the last time we will meet in this lifetime" GOSH! Is it as bad as it is when I'm typing it out now.

Dachi: Why did you say that?

Jiale: She just got me mad. She talked about us wasting our times with her because she does not intend on remembering her time at Yu Qing.

Dachi: She's trying to forget us?

Jiale: Yes! All she talked about was how she was going to return to Haiguang as soon as she can! She wasn't the Anbao before.

Dachi: Maybe you should go apologize.

Jiale: I forgot to tell you...

Dachi: What?

Jiale: I also said that when she remembers us, she can't take back her words on leaving us.

Dachi in a scolding text: Jiale! That's kinda messed up.

Jiale: I know! I know! I shouldn't have. I'm only telling you because after I left, I went around to make sure she was alright alone. I found her crying. It hurt my soul. In there somewhere, my little star still remembers.

Dachi: let's invite everyone out so we can mend this

Jiale: Alright! to the big group chat!


Some days later, Mu Siyang takes Anbao to meet each school again. They were all very nice and acted as if they never meet Anbao before. Introducing themselves again. So far, no one was really triggering anything. Anbao hasn't remember anything else either other than seeing people and feeling like she had seen them before.

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