Chapter 24: Gap

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      Tang Jiale tilts his head at Anbao, making her straighten her back. Huang Jing cries loudly into a pillow at the near by couch. Anbao looks over at him then look at the faces of Mu Siyang, Dachi, Qiao Chen, Xinglong, Jiale, and Baiyang. She turns away to look at the blank wall next to her and pulls the sheet over her head.

Anbao: I- I don't know who you guys are but is my Aunt and Uncle coming anytime soon? Can I have my phone? 

Lu Xia walks in with a grape fanta in hand: Yan Zhiming says they are close by.

Anbao tosses the sheet away: Yan-ge? He's coming here?

Mu Siyang turns to Lu Xia: Where is Zhou Zhi?

Lu Xia sips his fanta: He's outside picking little flowers.

Anbao: Uh...can I have my phone?

Xinglong walks over to the table and hand her phone to her. Anbao quickly takes it then tosses the sheets back over her head.

Anbao: Wrong passcode? This is the right one! FaceID! *dialing sounds

The phone rings and everyone goes silent, even Huang Jing's crying. Someone picks up the phone.

Jin: Anbao! Is this Anbao?

Anbao: Jin! Help! Good looking strangers kidnapped me!

Jiale: Take her phone!

     Baiyang pulls away the sheets and Qiao Chen puts his burger in hand down to reach for Anbao's phone. Anbao quickly stands up on the hospital bed as she tells Jin to help her. Lu Xia steps back from the chaos as Jiale stands up on the bed and wrestles the phone out of Anbao's hand as Dachi tries to stop him. Jiale throws the phone and it hits Huang Jing's head. Huang Jing lets out a loud 'OW' before picking up the phone and letting Jin know that Anbao is up and lost her memory before ending the call. Then the door opens and Yan Zhiming, along with his parents stare at the chaos in the room. All this in a matter of only a few seconds. 

Anbao sees them: Auntie! Uncle! Help me!

Yan Zhiming: Anbao, don't stand on the bed.

Aunt Yan: Get down. You might hurt yourself.

Yan Zhiming: Jiale, you too.

Jiale pouts then huff and plops down on the bed. Anbao slowly step off the bed then goes to hide behind her Aunt and Uncle.

Anbao whispers to them: Auntie, Uncle, they took my phone.

Mu Siyang: Huang Jing, give the phone back.

Huang Jing hands the phone back to Anbao.

Aunt Yan guides Anbao to the couch as Uncle Yan tries to sort things out with the doctor and Yan Zhiming takes a seat with the team.

Aunt Yan: Anbao, Auntie is here. Do you remember A-yan? (Anbao nods) Good. Do you want to call your mom? 

Anbao shakes her head: Mom and Dad left me for a vacation year. They did even took Little Dumpling.

Aunt Yan: Poor child, should I tell her that the little dog died or is it too much right now?

Zhou Zhi walks in with a little bouquet in his hand and makes his way through the crowd. He approaches Anbao then take a knee to her seated height and hold the little bouquet out. Anbao shrinks back to her Aunt's side.

Zhou Zhi: Hello, my name is Zhou Zhi. I'm a part of Yu Qing's tennis team with your cousin, Yan Zhiming. I made a little flower bouquet for you. Would you accept it?

Anbao look from Zhou Zhi to her Aunt as if to ask if it was safe and when Aunt Yan nods, Anbao takes the little bouquet from Zhou Zhi's hand.

Anbao: It's very beautiful. Thank you, Zhou Zhi. 

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