Chapter 22: Catching the Eye

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     After a few more rounds, the game ends with Yu Qing winning. As people exit the bleachers, Peng Xiang and Qi Ying search around for Anbao who has not returned since the first match ended. 

    The team goes to line up and give a word of their good sportsmanship to each other before they start packing up. Qi Ying calls Yan Zhiming over and informs him that Anbao has been gone since the first match ended. 

    Yan Zhiming tries to be calm and calls Anbao but she doesn't pick up her phone. Beside Yan Zhiming, Mu Siyang's phone suddenly rings. Odd, since Mu Siyang doesn't really have anyone that calls him. He looks at the caller name and his eyes widen. 


Mu Siyang: odd to be getting a call from you

caller: yes but captain...I was wondering if you were missing a members?

Mu Siyang counts the player as he speaks: I have all my team with- (see Peng Xiang and Qi Ying with Anbao/ also sees Yan Zhiming looking worried) Why'd you take her?

caller: take her? We found her. I was thinking as a sign of good faith as I'm sure you have won your game. The next time we meet, the tension won't be as high. It affects my players.

Mu Siyang: Where are you?

caller: meet me at the bridge. Bring your whole team.

-ends call-

Yan Zhiming: Who was that?

Mu Siyang sighs: Everyone, follow me. We must go to a quick meeting. 

Peng Xiang and A-mu: Yes, we'll come along too.

Mu Siyang: No. You may leave or stay...and watch our things.

    The team walks off. 

Huang Jing makes a disappointed face: W-watch their stuff? (turns to everyone) Who's staying? I'll go home.

Qi Ying: I'm going to stay.

Peng Xiang: I'll stay too!

A-mu: I would like to stay but I can't.

Huang Jing: Xiuwen, come on.

    As the three boys disappear, Peng Xiang becomes stress at the situation. She wonders if the captain's call had anything to do with Anbao's disappearance.

Qi Ying: Don't worry. How about I go get us drinks? You stay here. (quickly leaves)

    Peng Xiang sits at the bleachers with her hand resting on her face. She has forgotten all about Anbao introducing her to the players since her thought are full of where Anbao could have gone.

A voice calls to her, "You seem in distress. Is everything alright?"

Peng Xiang sulks: I hope so. 

    Peng Xiang sighs then pauses then looks over to where the voice came from and found that the owners of the voice is a No. 6 HS tennis player. The one that caught her eyes. 


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