Chapter 5: Heart Beat

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Walking through the halls -as before- all the girls stare and squeal as Anbao and Zhou Zhi walks through class. Zhou Zhi was kind enough to slide the door open for Anbao.

Zhou Zhi: Perhaps I'll see you after class.

       Anbao's heart beats like wants to hop out through her and follow Zhou Zhi to class but she gives a simple nod under imaginary sweat and quickly walked in class

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Anbao's heart beats like wants to hop out through her and follow Zhou Zhi to class but she gives a simple nod under imaginary sweat and quickly walked in class. As she sat in class, a group of girls squealed walking in as Zhou Zhi plays butler for them. She plays it no mind and cools her face with her cold hands, sighing into her desk.

Huang Jing sitting on the desk (not the chair) next to her: Calm your heart, will you?

Anbao lifts her face to look at Huang Jing swinging his feet on the desk next to hers: What? What heart? (frantically shakes head) I mean-

Huang Jing: So cute! She can't even think straight with me around.

The teacher walks in and sees Huang Jing sitting on the desk: Mr. Huang Jing, we do not sit on our desks. 2 page book report by Thursday morning as punishment.

Huang Jing's jaw nearly unhinged but he smiles and takes a seat: Of course, teacher.


During break time Anbao walks to the library to meet up with Yan Zhiming. She takes a seat and find Huang Jing scanning the shelf behind her. Then he does a dramatic turn around and runs his hand through his hair.

Huang Jing: Oh~ Anbao, didn't see you there. (Takes a seat next to her) Looks like Senior Yan is running late.

Anbao: Weird. Yan Ge is never late. Are you looking for a book to report on?

Huang Jing smiles and twist in the chair: Yes and hey, look at that. You look like you've read plenty of books. Give me a recommendation.

Anbao looks at him in a questioning way: Are you sure? The report is due for you in two days.(Huang Jing nods his head enthusiastically so Anbao slides a book to him) It's over 700 pages but it's very good.

Huang Jing's jaw dropped and he gulps: It's that book you're always reading.

Huang Jing tries to give a convincing smile and it passes Anbao's detection. So he starts reading the book but he also has another objective. After reading for a while Huang Jing slowly puts the book down and psst at Anbao until she puts down her pencil, giving him all her attention.

Huang Jing: Anbao, I've got a question. Do you like anyone? Or at least think you do?

Anbao's eyes widen like he had read her mind. Could she be any more obviously in love with Huang Jing? However, she doesn't answer so Huang Jing continues the one-sided conversation.

Huang Jing: If you ever found that you liked someone, what would you do?

Anbao starts to slightly panicking for unknown reasons but Huang Jing just thinks that he's closing in on her and she'll admit her true feelings any second now. Anbao panics but only because she thinks that Huang Jing believes she likes someone. Could it be that her heart race around Zhou Zhi not simply because he is charming and very handsome?

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