Chapter 6: Omelet

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As the sun sets and the team finish cleaning up the court, Yan Zhiming comes by to collect Anbao who had just finish packing up her things. Anbao ask about how the Yan Juice went and if they should work on a different formula. Yan Zhiming assures her that it went perfectly and the team definitely worked a lot quicker. Anbao wonders what it could taste like but bitter isn't her usual food bond. She also thinks that perhaps the team works quicker because they don't want to be punished with the sewer green juice.

    Dachi and Jiale walks by them and Anbao calls out to Dachi: Senior Chi! Wait.

Dayong and Jiale both turn back to look at Anbao as she quickly picks something next to her bag and runs over. She hands Dayong a green succulent plant thing simply saying to apply it to his hand. Dayong smile and questions her formality with each member.

Dayong: Anbao, you're so formal to call me Senior Chi. Jiale and I are the same age but you call him by his name. You call Xinglong by his name.

Jiale interrupts: Actually, Anbao calls everyone by their name now

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Jiale interrupts: Actually, Anbao calls everyone by their name now. I was once (in a posh accent) Senior Tang. (pretends to run hand through imaginary beard) It's just you as senior now, Dachi.

Dayong chuckles: Call me Dachi like everyone else. I'm not that much older than you, (tilts his head) am I?

Anbao is unsure how to respond. She rocks back and forth from heel to toes as she speaks: Oh, Senior- uh, Dachi, I didn't know how you preferred to be called. I just thought since you're older (Dachi tilts his head the other way) Uh! I mean, you know, only a little bit, very little, I thought Senior would be appropriate.

Dachi smiles: Dachi is fine. Address everyone like how Yan Zhiming would.

Anbao salute: Yes, Dachi!

    Dachi and Jiale walk away. Anbao sees him rubbing the aloe vera on his hand and she felt bad that he got burnt. It seems that she was not the only one to notice Dachi's burn. Zhou Zhi stood beside her with a piece of aloe vera in his hand and sighs.

Zhou Zhi: And I thought I was observant. Seems like we have a quicker set of eyes on the court.

    Anbao looks up to Zhou Zhi smiling at her and she turns away, subconsciously blowing up her cheek as she looks far away. Zhou Zhi smiles and sits her down on the bench then kneels down as he peel the aloe vera.

Yan Zhiming: Aloe vera...(writes in his journal) I'll check up on that.

Anbao sort of panicking: Uh, Zhou Zhi? (Zhou Zhi looks up at her) What are you doing?

Zhou Zhi: Oh, excuse me but you also have a burn. (Anbao scans her arms and legs) Right here. (taps Anbao's right ankle) Sit somewhere with more shade next time.

     Anbao gives a dumbfounded nod but now that Zhou Zhi had pointed it out, it does burn. As she rolls her ankle, it feels like thin blades of grass cutting her. Zhou Zhi catches her foot.

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