Chapter 7: Among Us

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      In the changing room, Huang Jing and Xiuwen put their things in the locker when Huang Jing suddenly sees the letter in his bag and remembers that Anbao has given it to him as her confession. He quickly takes a seat and pulls Xiuwen to his side.

Huang Jing: This is it! She gave me this letter this morning so that I can give it to her secret lover.

Xiuwen: Well, if it is to her secret lover then why would she confess.

Huang Jing: Silly! I've been giving enough signs that it's me.

Xiuwen: Oh no, what if she mentions that her and Zhou Zhi are a thing and she doesn't want anyone else?! All my efforts will go to waste.


  As an attempt to ensure that Hung Jing doesn't see the post from the fanpage, Xiuwen has sneakingly swiped away Huang Jing's phone. Huang Jing made his heart nearly stop sometimes with his threats if someone had stolen it. Of course, Xiuwen suggest they go over the place Huang Jing had gone that day to find his phone. When Huang Jing suggest they just call and asks for Xiuwen's phone, Xiuwen nearly handed Huang Jing's phone back to him.

  At lunch Huang Jing and Xiuwen ate at the usual place. Huang Jing sighs in love at the bench Anbao had sat on her first week then Xiuwen spotted Anbao walking down the hall, looking around and at each corner she passed. Xiuwen thought quick and idiotically: he started screaming and hopped on the bench causing Huang Jing to do the same. When Huang Jing asked what was the matter, Xiuwen sheepishly replied that he thought the bun had a spider on it.

   Afterschool, they had 2 hours to themselves before practice starts but as always, Huang Jing spent it on tennis games. While A-mu tries to knock down some cans that Huang Jing had filled with stones, Xiuwen sees Zhou Zhi quickly walking through each hall as if he was looking with someone. If Zhou Zhi is looking for Anbao and asks Huang Jing them then Huang Jing will definitely know something is up. Xiuwen frantically -but carefully- signals to A-mu who also sees Zhou Zhi and then with all his might, A-mu hits a can that causes the ball to re crochet back right at Huang Jing. Huang Jing knocks out just in time for Zhou Zhi come by and ask if anyone has seen Anbao. A-mu and Xiuwen hasn't so they shake their head and Zhou Zhi moves on. Then a minute later of them trying to wake Huang Jing, Anbao comes by with grocery bags, saying her greeting to A-mu and Xiuwen then walks into the tennis clubhouse where Coach Qi meets her at the door.


   A-Mu has been avoiding Huang Jing since he woke back up. Lucky that only earn Huang Jing a red bump on the forehead.

   Huang Jing opens the letter and smells the sweet scent of Anbao's perfume (a little pervy but ok). He reads the letter out-loud with a smile.

Huang Jing: "Dear secret admirer, Huang Jing has been a sweet and brave friend to pass on words and hints for you. I appreciate (Huang Jing scowls as he reads) your admiration but as I am new here I WOULD PREFER TO JUST HAVE FRIENDS AROUND!!??!!!" How can this be?

Xiuwen covers his eyes: Maybe it's because she's new here? Don't think much about it.

Huang Jing: Or perhaps she already has someone she loves? (starts sniffling) Could it be that I was imagining her affections and signs?

Xiuwen: Of couse not-

Huang Jing: Or! (Xiuwen shakes a little at his volume) She's playing hard to get! That's it! I'll just have to be more romantic and obvious!

Xiuwen: Uh, Huang Jing~ (Huang Jing walks out planning to himself his romantic plan) Aiya~ Why is he so optimistic in these kind of time?


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