Chapter 10: Xinglong Restaurant

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Everyone sits are the top of the small hill as the market's lights turn on. They all sit uncomfortably, rocking and swaying back and forth. All the guys stare at Jin while he innocently looks down and picks at the grass.

Mu Siyang starts by getting everyone to explain what they're doing there instead of sticking near by campus to get ready for practice. Everyone gives a false testimate as to why they're there except for Yan Zhiming, Zhou Zhi, and He Xinglong.

Jiale puts his hand on Lu Xia and Dachi's shoulders: Uh, we were here to get popcorn. (nods at Dachi and Lu Xia) They're here only for today and I begged to come here.

Lu Xia: I was just dragged along.

Dachi: What about you two, Baiyang, Qiao Chen?

Qiao Chen: Uh, we came to- watch! The! Opera performers! Didn't know that Huang Jing and Xiuwen were members of the troupe though.

Huang Jing: It's a part-time thing.

Xiuwen: Yup, I had even mastered the perfect make-up face. See? (shows off his face)

Yan Zhiming shifts his glasses: I had a suspicion after seeing Anbao leave so I followed.

Xinglong smiles sweetly before saying anything: I just followed Yan Zhiming.

Zhou Zhi: I wanted to talk to Yan Zhiming about the game's spirit grab post that was up on our fan page.

Jiale interupts: Right! What is that about?

Dachi: Siyang, what are you doing here?

Mu Siyang immediately straighten his back and clear his throat, bringing his authoritative personality out. Everyone sees it though, he has been caught unexpected.

Mu Siyang: I caught you all, that's what I'm doing here.

Lu Xia: How did you get here?

Qiao Chen and Baiyang look at each other, they each make a different excuse with the captain.

All at once them three said:

Mu Siyang: I got contacts.

Qiao Chen: Captain came for flashlight battery!

Baiyang: Captain wanted headband flashlights.

All three of them look at each other, Siyang looks away while Qiao Chen points at Siyang and Baiyang rolls his eyes.

Jiale: Eh! Are we not going to talk about Anbao meeting an opponent?

Everyone's attention turns back to Anbao and Jin who has been sitting there quietly. The captain, desperate to change the topic, quickly hops on the topic.

Mu Siyang: Who are you and why are you meeting with Yan Anbao?

Jin looks at Anbao then responds: I'm a friend from Hai Guang. Her oldest friend.

Anbao: I know Biaoge (refers to Yan Zhiming) doesn't want me talking with anyone from Hai-

Yan Zhiming: I've changed my mind.

Jiale: But, Zhou Zhi...uh nevermind. Nevermind. (chuckles nervously)

Qiao Chen: Ever since those girls brought up you being a spy, you have acted in a suspicious manner, Anbao. You've disappeared, you've cooked, you've gone to meet an opponent.

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