Chapter 4: Protagonist

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When Jiale and Dachi comes back with the ice cream, each places in the cone tray. Jiale announces everyone's name as he passes them out. When Jiale says Anbao's name, two girls in line turn around to look at AnBao who lifts the book with her head. Jiale puts the book down, revealing her face.

Tang Jiale: It's no longer time to read, silly. (Hands her the cone)

The two girls seem to confirm their suspicions and turn back, whispering intently to each other. Anbao sighs and scoops off her ice cream cone. Only Lu Xia and Qi Ying, who both with their back to the line, notice the flustered Anbao. Anbao reaches for her book but Lu Xia quickly takes it and reads the title.

Lu Xia: "Trail of the Askewed?" [my first book] (opens the book suspiciously wide and above his head)

Qi Ying stretches suspiciously loud and her arms way above her head then puts on her hood. Qi Ying adds to Lu Xia's book shield by leaning towards him, as if she was reading the book with him.

Anbao: They're trying to cover me.

Despite their efforts, the two girls eventually come over and drop a mischievous glare at Anbao while she sits straight and stares right back, not threateningly or dumbly, but just a cold silent stare. One of the girl who fashions a big glittery bow frowns and gives a scoff. The other girl with a big poka-dotted bow gives a sad but fiery eyes. Then pretend to drop her plush-cover phone by He Xinglong, baiting Xinglong to pick it up for her while the glittery bow girl eyes the boys at the table.

Xinglong picks up the phone: Hey, you dropped this?

The girl with the poka-dotted bow turns around and gasp: Wow, ge. Thank you! (taking her phone)

Then the glittery bow turns around and gasp: Keguo, be careful of your things.

Anbao is trying to solve the play they're putting on but it doesn't seem very clear yet.

The girl that the glittery bow girl called Keguo suddenly turns and make eye contact with Anbao then gasp again then the other girl gasp as well.

Keguo: Anbao? So this is where you ran off to? (Looks at the team's uniform) You run with the Yu Qing tennis team now? (scoffs) Li Sheng and I were wondering where you went off to this whole week.

The girl called Li Sheng looks at her nails while speaking: Hm, are you Wentai's little spy here? Most definitely not, right? (tilts her head)

Everyone (except Lu Xia and Qi Ying who have froze after actually reading some pages of the book) listens to the conversation and start wondering, looking around at each other and at Anbao. The girls seem to have accomplished their goal then give a quick goodbye and left.

Yan Zhiming: Anbao, are those your friends from Hai Guang?

Before Anbao can say anything else Qiao Chen throws in a question.

Qiao Chen: Wait, Anbao is from Hai Guang?

Anbao takes in another scoop of her ice cream before nodding.

Dachi smiles: Well then you must introduce us next time.

Dachi smiles: Well then you must introduce us next time

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