Chapter 23: Wish Complete

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Anbao wakes up early planning to help out the restaurant for that day. She makes her breakfast and quickly eat before bidding her aunt and uncle a good day then leaving. As she steps out the door step, it was odd but she suddenly feels like her little dog that has since pass is walking around. An odd feeling but she ignored it and sinks her thoughts into memories of her dog before it passed away. The sun is not out and the street lights are still on as she walks over.

When she gets to closer to the restaurant, she noticed that the truck Mr. He uses has stopped in the middle of the road. She hears yelling and shouting. Anbao noticed that the driver side door is open and Mr. He is at the hood of the truck at gun point with a masked man robbing out his pockets.

Anbao looks around. There is no one. Her heart race and time goes by slowly. If she shouts, she risks the gunman shooting Mr. He and her.

Anbao looks at the ground for something. She picks up a lonely brick and runs then throws the brick at the gunman. Afraid he might shoot Mr. He, she tackles and wrestle for gun. [I just gotta say, she's getting an adrenaline rush right here but she's such a dummy for thinking she can win this fight]

The gunman yells for someone and a second road mugger who was searching in the truck quickly steps out and swings his wooden bat at Anbao's head then helping his buddy out. The gunman points his gun at Mr. He but the gunman suddenly started yelling that his ankle is burning and the man with the wooden bat quickly drags him away as Mr. He crawls over to Anbao.

Blood runs from her head as she sees Mr. He but she can't hear what he's saying. But she can hear her dog barking. Her vision starts to blur but she smiles.

Anbao: Both of our wishes are complete.


Everything came by as a rush all throughout the day. Mr. He gave his account to the police. Yan Zhiming and his parents were called to the hospital. He Xinglong waits outside the emergency room as they come. Everyone and everything is in panic and a mess.

Yan Zhiming's mother cries in worries.

Yan Zhiming sits next to Xinglong as Xinglong tells Yan Zhiming what his father said happened. Xinglong apologizes but Yan Zhiming tells him it's not his fault.

Yan Zhiming: Anbao loves that restaurant of yours. It's good that your father is safe. I just hope Anbao will be as well.

After a while, the head doctor walks out and tells them that Anbao will be fine but he expects her to go into a coma for a few weeks or a few months until her head heals. She also has a bit of brain damage and the result of this healing can be unpredictable but will likely have minimal affect on her.

For days, many people came to visit and cry to her. Haiguang's team came and tell a few happy stories of times back then. Yu Qing's team came to over her. Xinglong would bring food each time he comes to visit just in case that is the day she might wake up. [OMG Xinglong is just so~~~ <3]

Eventually, the culprits were caught and punished for their crime.

After the Xing Yao match, with a miraculous win, they all came and told Anbao every single detail. Later on in the weeks, they even had a barbq day with all the previous teams they've played against. Yan Zhiming, with teary eyes, came to tell Anbao about the food and encourages her to wake up so he can take her one day because he knows how much she loved food. [I do too, Yan Zhiming so if she don't take that offer...I will <3]

Peng Xiang and Lin Xiyan eventually got together and came to visit Anbao as a couple. Qi Ying third-wheel but she didn't mind because A-mu, Xiuwen, and Huang Jing were all there.

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