Chapter 17: Preperation Retreat 1

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       After the battle of the Yu Qing and Yu Feng teams, Yu Feng rose victorious. The Yu Qing team reluctantly gave in their uniform. They will try to earn it back after the retreat with the team. This affected He XInglong's judgement on staying in the team greatly and the next day, without anyone else knowing, he quit to the Captain.

He Xinglong: I feel that I am not contributing to the team. The team will do better without me.

Mu Siyang looks and sees XInglong's true reason: The team will always welcome you at anytime.

   He Xinglong nods then walks away. Only one more day until the retreat.

      The team does not know that Xinglong has quit yet. For now, everyone just sees it that Xinglong is busy and can't come to practice. It was important to Yan Zhiming that no one confirm or deny Xinglong leaving the team because as Yan Zhiming sees it, Anbao had already lost touch enough of the restaurant when she became the nutritionist of the team. Having XInglong leave the team will only put her into despair the restaurant and the tennis team is no longer connected.

        All the while no one brings up any question, Mu Siyang goes to the restaurant and chats with Mr. He. Of course, Xinglong did not tell his father that he quit the team and instead said that practices has been cancelled.

Mu Siyang: Mr. He, I don't think Xinglong would let you know but he quit the tennis team.

Mr. He: He did?

Mu Siyang: He can play great and I understand that he has other things he's not willing to share or open up to but I hope you can do what we cannot.

    Mr. He nods his head: I understand.

    Mr. He bid Mu Siyang goodbye as he thinks about what to do: If he doesn't let me know then I won't let him know either. My son, you think of father too much. (gets teary eyes) [cause he has such a good and caring son🥰]

That night Anbao got a message from Jin about Tie Kegou. He tells her that ever since Li Sheng got expelled, Kegou was met with challenges and teases. She also left Haiguang.


Anbao: That's too bad, hopefully she finds someone to refresh her.

Jin: She definitely will but I just hope she realizes that she went overboard when she suddenly went to Li Sheng.

Anbao: Alright, good night. I got to be somewhere early tomorrow.

Jin: tomorrow? There's no more tennis matches for the moment, you're not at the restaurant no more, where do you have to go?

Anbao never replied back. She had knocked out.
   Everyone loads up in the bus, Yu Feng in the back and Yu Qing in the front. Though the three girls were on the same bus, they communicated through messages and snickers. Qi Ying sat with her Aunt. Anbao sat with her cousin. Xu Xingzi sat with her brother.

    Coach Qi does a roll call then tells the driver to head out. Anbao was sure that Coach Qi had not called for He Xinglong, nor did she see him on the bus or anywhere. She whispers to Yan Zhiming.

Anbao: Yan ge, where is He Xinglong? I haven't seen him. The bus is leaving without him. (Tucks at his sleeve)

Yan Zhiming adjusted his glasses then turns to Anbao: Xinglong isn't coming with us.

Yan Zhiming adjusted his glasses then turns to Anbao: Xinglong isn't coming with us

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