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I love the drama and the cast so I've decided to write a part of me into it

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I love the drama and the cast so I've decided to write a part of me into it. This story won't follow the story line but it will still capture all your favorite moments and more. Nothing is in any order. In the description, I didn't reveal too much but it will become very obvious soon.


if you have read my other book(s) then you will be familiar with the way I write.

~~~~~~ Are for flashback

**************** are for next scene

( are for telling an action of feeling at the time)

[are for my occasional fangirl break ins]

Are for thoughts

Character Introduction

Name: Yan AnBao (An like peace or quiet) (Bao like praise or honor)

Background: LOCKED

Likes: to mock Yan Zhiming and pretend to be smart like him, editing films, play around, being talkative [especially when she's comfortable around you], crafting.

Dislikes: Rude people, doormats [like a person not a literal one]

Personality: AnBao doesn't think of herself as a smart cookie but doesn't consider herself as a dunce either. She likes being familiar, helpful, and kind to everyone but she's not dumb as to people's intentions. AnBao will definitely brings up a problem if everyone tries to avoid it. She's not afraid to be harsh despite her kind and harmless output to the world. She is very understandable on every view. She dislike people in search of publicity or the public popularity. She likes to be motherly to everyone, even those older than her.

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