6| Broken

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Voices in my head
How can I hear you?
I've lost my hearing
To all this shit

Clouded vision
How can i see you?
I've been so blinded
By this love you share

No, i can not demand
I'm not seeing through.
What have got me to this way?

Too many broken promises
I can't trust you
Your words are not useful anymore
It make me feel like I'm repeating myself
Simply because I've let myself down by believing in you.
It's not worthless
But it can't be trusted either

So you can tell me now
How can i see you,
If You took my eyes with you
And my tears?
How can I talk to you,
If it's filled with
Bitter, salty kisses?
Yet I keep honey
running trough his lips, [but I'm Not important.]

How have I didn't noticed?

These questions in my head
Is getting nosey
Excessively nosey
Like those who constantly wants
To be in our business. [And I'm the one dramatic.]

His effort to belong to me
is Gracefully weak.
Yet he still managed to make himself the victim.
Hitting other females
Thinking it can make me jealous
But how could I ever be
If you took my heart away.
Left me filling this hole with champagne
Almost drowning with no lifeguard to save me.

So tell me now
How could I ever be lonely
If everything has been taken away?
Yet I make love like a lion, like you said.

Infinite open doors.
Will it ever be enough to
crash my memory?
Take away what's not important,
fill these holes with my childhood,
So I won't even know what it feels to grow up being broken.


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