2| Cold Princess

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There is times when you see me speechless
Is Only because I don't wanna see
how miserable I've become because of you
How cold i am because of you

My face might not show
But my actions do
My heart might turn into stone
When It feels your presence.

I have questions and a lot has to do with you
I have so many questions and the answers starts with 'you'
And I'm not certain that you could answer them.

I choose to believe everything you've said to me.
Even if it's a lie.
I choose to believe that until i die.
You made me cold like you.
I couldn't see, because i was blinded by you.
You are the reason of my disinterest
because you don't know how to appreciate a princess in a dress.
So yes
Like you said
I'm a cold princess.


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