34| Ocean reads III

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To the water i reach to release the suffocation and the pressures set on my chest,
Trying to relax cause it understands.
I want it to stay infinite and mysterious.
Even if it make me curious to jump in and explore the abundance with no clue how to swim.

Say I'll never cry at sea
But how could I cry if I could see the splendor of the sunbeam in the water that always makes me happy? It makes me smirk.
It takes every worries with him.
How could I ever ask for more?

It travels trough me like the map it doesn't need.
The compass that won't matter.
Because the wind will follow and find it's way to guide me.
Like the stories in books and movies.
It will try its best to complete me and take away every bad and what's not there that I can't see, will also been taken away from me.
That's why I can't resist what leads me to the ocean. Hope it's not lost and loneliness.

~ TINS ~

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