9| Her

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The Strangest encounter that felt Close enough to home.
The strangeness in your eyes told me different
It taught me to stand for me.
"You have potential". Echoes in my head every time since it has been said.

She looks different. Mature but also childish. But in a good weird way.
She teach, she listen. She offer to help others but I couldn't accept it.

I don't know exactly the intentions behind it. Not that i was thinking anything bad.
But she... she you didn't help when I needed her too. Even if she said she would.
I guess things wasn't only in her hands and I'm still blaming her for it.
I guess that was my choice. To not make an effort to do better for myself.
The energy was something else.
With the time I've learned to live without it.
Any references that has been made, made me jump. I don't know what's the point of using me as an example but I'll take it.
Nothing could ever hurt a already sensitive soul.
I've cried enough of the bad decisions I've made.
But she..
She gave hope and at the same time crashed it.
She said she see something in me but didn't bother to explain.
And again I'm responsible for not standing up for myself.
The advice resonated with me the next time i saw her. But the tension was excessive, so i choose to hide. I might be confusing you.
I said I needed to talk but in the end backed off.
I guess that was what I needed to do. Take a step back.
Until this day i haven't seen or hear anything but she's still in my head every time i see those book or this place that reminds me of her.
I'm not sure if i was the only one. But those moments teaches me something and
Now I stand for Me.

~ TINS ~

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