3| All i want

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All i want
Chapter 3

If it has to be you
All i want,
is to be true to you.
From all these souls that i've known,
I kept yours

It hasn't been like it used to
Cause circumstances plays its games too.
Blowing up my plans to meet you
Causing distance between us two.

If it has to be you
All i want,
is to choose you.
For you be you
Cause there's no one compare to you.

Even with the million miles away
there is no lying
Oh, how i wish
we can still try it.

Although the time can't find us our way.
If we are no lovers,
Either way is cool
because all i want is you.

If it has to be you,
I don't care how many times I'll loose
Although at times you ignore me
When I'm just trying to tell a story.


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