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My Feelings  by abru87
My Feelings by abru
Hey there, Welcome to my first book, where I pour my heart out. Within these pages, you'll find a collection of heartfelt poems that explore the highs and lows of life...
Ink And Heartprints  by SickOremedy
Ink And Heartprints by Kgosi Ntsemi
_________________________________________ "clothes and flesh don't hamper me, I am more naked on the page". An old soul is dipped in ink, leaving trails of he...
I Find Myself in Words by istillwanty0u
I Find Myself in Wordsby istillwanty0u
Original poetry about everything. Beauty, pain, life, death... Enjoy - 💙 ~Complete~
| POETRY / PROSE | a collection of my most irrepressible thoughts and emotions © 2022
POEMS I by gabrielren3115
POEMS Iby Gabriel Ren
First book of my poems.
F.T.Willz poems (prolly frank iero no one knows) by ggeewayy
F.T.Willz poems (prolly frank iero...by ggeewayy
i've scoured the internet for these lol
♡||Unspoken Feelings||♡  by Connected_Hearts
♡||Unspoken Feelings||♡ by ....
Just like A flower, She'll Bloom and Wither Away. Trying to describe life with the Feelings that I have, Using the beauty of Words. Poem Book. #Wattys2019
Poems To A Stranger by RueMiller
Poems To A Strangerby Rue Miller
Just some goofy poems...
Within the Restless Mind: a book of poetry  by MadelineNicole96
Within the Restless Mind: a book o...by Madeline
a collection of poetry.. written by me.
loss for words by bitter-espresso
loss for wordsby alexxia jay
every day I'm left at a loss for words. ✘CW: mentions of suicide and self-harm © 2017-2023 alexxiajay, all rights reserved *i wrote this collection in 2017, i have only...
I scream and no one hears it  by Dranonymous21
I scream and no one hears it by Dr Anonymous
I scream and no one hears it so I just mold my thoughts into words and pour everything down on pages. My only way to cry , scream , shout is through my words. This is...
Through the pain  by yourstrangeness
Through the pain by Vladlena Emerald
Forgotten notes of burnt pages. Image copyright belongs to Miroslav Boskov
love and heartache by vanditasaran
love and heartacheby v
A bunch of poems on my experience with love, heartbreak and everything in between
𖬺 Evangeline by satricain
𖬺 Evangelineby satricain
2023 all sung anthem smithed with creed #1 sentiments 11-20-23
my poems <3 by PrettyGothDolly
my poems <3by Porcelain
a collection of poems peeping into my mind
0.002 lux by satricain
0.002 luxby satricain
2023 the mouth of truth #1 sentiments 11-20-23
Dear You, I Love You by etherealmeas
Dear You, I Love Youby Yangyang
Every page, different emotions, different what if's, random scenarios, and everything is full of random sleepless night expressions. But half of this book, is all about...
drown me in your noise by guerkchensalat
drown me in your noiseby nudel01
what's a quote that completely shattered you? a quote that destroyed your soul and your entire being. one that made you cry like you've never cried before. one that stil...
late night poetry by grammily_
late night poetryby em <3
Just go down the rabbit whole with me, who knows you might actually have fun. :-) (not my photo btw)