45| Toxic comfort zone

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With relief in my heart I can say,
A good vibe is coming home to me.

I've found myself away from the reef
Drifting away into the deep sea
Watching all of my problems being left behind.
With the thought of never seeing them again.
Maybe some of them will come back but the majority will disappear.
I might sound like I have a lot of problems, but a little is always too much.
Life itself has so many problems to solve and having other people contributing to that, just add more to the list.

I will have to find a way to get out of it before it's too late. Before I get too attached to it, I won't be able to get out.
I will have to push myself a little bit further to not stay in the same place that some may call a 'safe place.'
That sometimes becomes toxic, uneasy and emotionally draining.
I will have to be strong and have courage and leave

Moving on to what's important now, I can say that I can breathe normally.

I've lost my way back to you , my home
At the same time, I'm so glad I did.
Cause now I can say that I'm out of the toxic comfort zone that isn't comfort anymore.
I am ready to move on with no toxic trails.
Boost my self-esteem and never look back.

~ TINS ~

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