The things I've never said

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Many times our mind and mouth are in a constant battle with each other. Because there is some things our heart want to put out but it has to fight with the mouth and mind.
Although it find its way to slip trough to find its exit. Trough whatever the source might be, it find its way out. It finds its ears to listen or its eyes to read.
Either way it finds its soul to sit in.
No matter how long it takes to travel, it will find its perfect spots in the universe.
Words mean a lot
Even when it doesn't have a sound.
Here's to the things we have never thought that could find a voice.
To the emotions that once was hidden
To the opinions that once were crashed
To the feelings that could never been shared.
All and every single things we've never said.
To the things you've never said.
And to the things I've never said.

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