14| The first kiss 💋

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In a bus going home i caught you staring
The unfamiliar sensation in my stomach appears
Not know exactly what to do I kept staring.
I couldn't take my eyes of you
But It wasn't weird at all.
Those two minutes was everything.
Just enough to know what's about to happen.

A adrenaline rush runs trough my body
I wasn't sure if i was shy or exited
But so sure about what was going on.

You took the initiative to come closer
And my chest accelerate
I don't even remember our last 2 minutes conversation
I could feel your nervousness before you can even sit beside me.
More and more
My chest kept pounding
I'm not sure what to do
Maybe I'll tease a little or just go for it?
Or Maybe start with a honest conversation and see what happens next.
But you were running out of time and so did i.
Placing the question the way you did, how could I say no.
So. it happened .
Quick. But it happened .
I could feel your energy.
I could feel for the first time the lips I've been dreaming of.
The touch I've been wishing for.
I wish It could lasted longer but time wasn't on its best.
Maybe next time, I thought.
but... Will it happen again? I don't wanna hold on to the expectations.
But Did you liked it? I don't know because this was my first time.
My first kiss.


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