16| Ocean reads II

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The tension in your body reflects on the ocean
Is like a connection you will never see.
When you're mad, sad or happy. It feels it
It feels the energy you give
And it try to meld down every emotion you might have and if it's possible it will ease you and fade your frustration.
Maybe is the sunset that help.

If you believe that sunsets are romantic
You should add picnic to the scene
If you view lovers as non cliches
You should find your heart a muse
You should fill it with the things it has been missing.
The ocean isn't the only part of your recovery.
Maybe it will bring you the peace you need and the patience for the waiting on the right one.
Only if your patience doesn't run out,
you'll find the one you've been waiting or looking for.

You'll rather fall for the ocean then humans but at the same time it's scary because there's no limits when it comes to falling in the ocean. The water can hold you up but, the weight you carry could be more than your own weight.  You'll be at the bottom without noticing you're going down.
But falling for the ocean is different. It's peace. It's beauty. It's everything you can't seem to find in a human. But don't take my word literal some could give you that impression. You'll just have to keep looking.
Love is infinite and so are the ocean, the sky and the universe.  You shouldn't limit yourself to love. 

~ TINS ~

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